Promise and Prayer – Day 27 (Sunday, Week 5)

Jesus’ Promise

John 14.14 – “If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

Suggested Prayer

Grant me, O Father, the power to love everybody and everything.

Personal Reflection

One of my spiritual heroes, Frank Laubach, taught that people are channels of God’s blessing. Consider that we are like a water pipe that is open on one end to the immense power and love of God. The other end of the pipe is open toward people.

If the pipe is completely clean, all of God’s love is free to flow to the needs of people. If the pipe is clogged by sin, selfishness, pleasure seeking, and so on, little of God’s greatness can flow through that person to others.

Great praying men and women of all ages know that to be used by God, they have to be a clean vessel. To pray “in Jesus’ name,” meant that they are completely aligned with God and have no obstructions between God and others.

To pray in Jesus’ name reminds me to spend extra time today, asking: “Dear God, what do you want to remove from my life, so I can be a better channel of blessing to others? Also, what do you want to add to my life for the same purpose?”

Your Turn

What does Laubach’s idea of a channel of blessing say to you? Are you a clean vessel that allows the flow of God’s love and grace flow through you? How can you join me in better aligning your life with the plans and purposes of God?

Thank for your contributions as you share your thoughts below.


  1. Jesus I ask for your strengthen to become mine in these next few days. Also I ask that you place your hand on my brother’s heart.. he is in Jackson county and needs to feel your love..

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