The Cost of War: Part 1

The Cost of War

This week, the focus of my articles will center around the cost of war to America and to other countries where war is fought.

The Cost of War Project

The Costs of War Project is a team of 35 scholars, legal experts, human rights practitioners, and physicians, which began its work in 2011. We use research and a public website to facilitate debate about the costs of the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the related violence in Pakistan and Syria. There are many hidden or unacknowledged costs of the United States’ decision to respond to the 9/11 attacks with military force. We aim to foster democratic discussion of these wars by providing the fullest possible account of their human, economic, and political costs, and to foster better informed public policies. Continue reading “The Cost of War: Part 1”

Newspaper Prayers: Friday, February 16th

Headlines from the New York Times for Friday, February 16, 2018

Senate Rejects Immigration Plans, Leaving Fate of Dreamers Uncertain

The Senate summarily blocked three measures on Thursday — including one backed by President Trump — to resolve the fate of the so-called Dreamers, leaving hundreds of thousands of them facing an uncertain future.

As senators struck down measure after measure, a week that began with the promise of a rare open, free-ranging debate on the issue crashed headlong into the same divisions that have prevented Congress from fixing the nation’s immigration system for decades. The lack of consensus left in question whether any solution on the Dreamers can be reached. Continue reading “Newspaper Prayers: Friday, February 16th”

Newspaper Prayers: Thursday, February 15th

Headlines from the New York Times for Thursday, February 15, 2018

Florida School Shooting Death Toll Is at 17 and Could Rise

(Note: In Missouri an 18 year-old can purchase a gun, but has to be 25 years-old to rent a car. Is there some lack of wisdom here?)

A heavily armed young man barged into his former high school about an hour northwest of Miami on Wednesday, opening fire on terrified students and teachers and leaving a death toll of 17 that could rise even higher, the authorities said.

Students huddled in horror in their classrooms, with some of them training their cellphones on the carnage, capturing sprawled bodies, screams and gunfire that began with a few shots and then continued with more and more. The dead included students and adults, some of whom were shot outside the school and others inside the sprawling three-story building. Continue reading “Newspaper Prayers: Thursday, February 15th”

Newspaper Prayers: Wednesday, February 14th

Headlines from for Wednesday, February 14, 2018

U.S. urges U.N. to hold Myanmar military accountable for ‘ethnic cleansing’

The United States on Tuesday described Myanmar denials of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims as “preposterous” as it called on the U.N. Security Council to hold the military accountable and pressure leader Aung San Suu Kyi “to acknowledge these horrific acts that are taking place in her country.”

“Powerful forces in the Burmese government have denied the ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the Security Council. Continue reading “Newspaper Prayers: Wednesday, February 14th”

Thoughts from a Labor Leader

I received these words from a labor leader in an email today. I feel they are a very astute analysis of our present situation in America.

As I crossed the center of our nation, on my way to Arizona, I passed through myriad towns full of run-down trailers and shanties and I said to myself “These people probably voted to ‘make America great again,’ yet there is no future for them in this administration’s view of what makes America great. (Private jet sales are up 30%.)

I find myself depressed and disillusioned at what I was taught was the “American Dream.” How have we, as a nation, strayed so far from the ideals of “all men are created equal?” These poor people have no chance. For years, I made it my job to give people a chance, but our government, ostensibly “by the people and for the people” seems to be fighting OUR efforts to raise the fortunes of the “least of these” at every turn. Continue reading “Thoughts from a Labor Leader”

Newspaper Prayers: Monday, February 12th

Headlines from the New York Times for Monday, February 12, 2018

Democrats Can Win on Immigration

To no one’s surprise, President Trump, who has been doubling down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric, used his State of the Union address to draw parallels between the Central American gang MS-13 and law-abiding immigrants in the United States.

The next week, he reiterated that “MS-13 killers” are “pouring into our country.” This kind of language, long a Trump trademark, was used as a political strategy just a few months ago in Virginia during the failed bid of the Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie. It was also on display in the campaign of Kim Guadagno, a Republican who lost the race to replace Chris Christie as governor of New Jersey. Continue reading “Newspaper Prayers: Monday, February 12th”

Artists for a Cause Interview: Stacy Busch

Stacy Busch does everything for my blog, except write the content. Today, Stacy will add content to the article, too. All of the pictures on the blog are a product of her love of photography. She developed the website and connects this blog with social media.

Stacy is a very gifted musician, loving person, and friend besides being a very good at web-design.

Bob – What should we know about your love of music?

I’ve always been drawn to the arts. I’m fascinated by the way you can express things that are universal, that we all feel, yet can’t adequately describe in our everyday life and language. Growing up, my favorite part of the house was the piano. We were fortunate enough to have a nice piano that was in front of a big window. The piano always felt like an entire world that was just waiting to be unlocked. Eventually, I wound up in music school where I studied piano and composition. It also lead me to Kansas City where I did my graduate work. Now, Kansas City is a huge inspiration for my work because I’ve met some amazing people here. Continue reading “Artists for a Cause Interview: Stacy Busch”