Psalm 45 – A Song of Love

Reading Time: 6 Minutes In many ways this Psalm is one of most unique portions of Scripture in the entire Bible. It seems to give the kind of praise to an earthly king that should be reserved only for God. The Psalm was composed in honor of a wedding of the king and his bride. […]

Psalm 44 – When We Complain to God

Reading Time: 6 Minutes The Psalms reflect the life of God’s people. Their relationship with God was so genuine that they could accuse God of being unfaithful when their lives became unbearably painful. When deep loss comes to us, we don’t have to paste a smile on our face and pray something that we really […]

Psalm 43 – Send Your Light and Truth

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Psalms 42 and 43 picture a person who wants to restore his personal relationship with God. A return to Temple worship was the deep desire of the Psalm writer and he expressed it in these two Psalms. Contemplating a journey to the Temple, he asked for God’s leadership and protection. He […]

Psalm 42 – Desiring God

Reading Time: 7 Minutes I have used the Psalms as a regular part of my prayer life for at least 20 years. They put words in my mouth that express the feelings that I have in my heart. The Psalms often cause me to think more seriously about my relationship with God. When I prayed […]

Psalm 41 – Teach Your Children

Reading Time: 6 Minutes During my teen years, my father was betrayed by two friends in a business deal. My father, who never cried, shed tears over what transacted. I still remember the moment when he handled the issue with integrity at a significant cost to him. He probably didn’t think that he was teaching […]

Psalm 40 – A Psalm for Thanksgiving

Reading Time: 6 Minutes This Psalm is perfect for the celebration of Thanksgiving. Please consider using it to express your gratitude to God for his goodness to you. Note, verses 12-17 are repeated in Psalm 70. We will study those verses when we get to that Psalm. Reasons for Thanksgiving I appreciate Psalm 40 because […]

Psalm 38 – Sin and Sickness

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Does God punish people with sickness for their sinful behavior? This Psalm seems to answer “yes” to that question. The Book of Job presents a different point of view on the question of sin and sickness. First, we will consider the Psalm and then address the issue from Job’s perspective. Punishment […]

Psalm 37 (Part 3) – A Good Lifestyle

Reading Time: 6 Minutes The characteristics of evil people dominated verses 12-20 in Psalm 37. Today, we will observe the lifestyle of people who live according to God’s guidance. Generous Givers After the tax collector Zacchaeus met Jesus, his first impulse was to become a generous giver. He told Jesus, “Listen, sir! I will give […]

Psalm 30 – Grace and Gratitude

Reading Time: 5 Minutes Only human beings can express gratitude to God. The trees and birds outside my window are perfectly aligned with God’s design for them, but they can’t say “thank you.” People like you and me receive God’s abounding grace on a daily basis. Our humanity is best on display when we respond […]

Psalm 28 – Pray for the Future

Reading Time: 7 Minutes I won’t rehearse the troubles that our world is currently facing. You are probably like me and are tired of the endless news of problems in America and around the world. Instead, you long for a time of peace, kindness, and health to return to our world. You also probably realize […]

Psalm 26 – Vindicate Me, O Lord

Reading Time: 8 Minutes Jesus often encouraged people to pray. Promises for prayer were frequently on his lips. At other times, he used parables to highlight the great value of prayer. In one instance he told the story of a widow, who kept coming to an unjust judge asking for her rights against someone who […]

Psalm 25 (Part 1) – Please Teach Me

Reading Time: 7 Minutes James Houston is one of the most highly regarded theologians and spiritual leaders in the world. Yet, here are his first words in a book he wrote on prayer: “For many years, prayer was probably the weakest dimension of my life as a Christian.” Houston repented over his lack of prayer. […]

Psalm 24 – The King of Glory

Reading Time: 7 Minutes The Owner of All Who owns the world? Is it various nations that stake out boundaries and use armies to protect their property? Possibly, multi-national corporations are the owners of the world. After all, some corporations have as much wealth as small countries. On the other hand, are people like you […]

Psalm 21 – Dependence Upon the Lord

Reading Time: 7 Minutes Just as in Psalm 20, this Psalm is about the king, but also about Jesus. As we saw in yesterday’s article, we can pray for earthly leaders (pastors, business and governmental leaders) and for the purposes that God desires to obtain through the continued ministry of Jesus. Psalm 21 also echoes […]

Psalm 18 (Part 2) – If God is for Us

Reading Time: 5 Minutes Paul rightly said, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8.31). King David knew by experience the awesome saving power of God. God, who conquered the chaos of the world, is the One who reached down into a troubled world and rescued David. Then the Lord thundered […]

Psalm 18 (Part 1) – I Love You Lord

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Psalm 18 is one of the longer Psalms in the Bible. For the sake of time, I’m going to divide the Psalm into different sections to be approached in separate articles. Please don’t read the Psalm like you would a novel or a school homework assignment. Rather, use it to connect […]

Psalm 17 – A Prayer for Help

Reading Time: 5 Minutes The people who wrote the Psalms experienced God in the midst of real life problems. In this instance the speaker faced false accusations from adversaries. You may not be in the same situation as the speaker, but you can apply the basic concepts of this Psalm to problems that you face. […]

Psalm 14 – Practical Atheism Exposed

Reading Time: 6 Minutes The title I have given to Psalm 14 is, “Practical Atheism Exposed.” What is practical atheism? When someone claims to believe in God, but their actions show a complete disregard for God, they could be called a “practical atheist.” James, the brother of Jesus, didn’t use the term “practical atheism,” but […]

Psalm 13 – How Long, O Lord

Reading Time: 6 Minutes We are studying the Psalms to learn how to pray. Psalm 13 is one of the best models of how to pray when we have pressing concerns. It is like a small gold mine of instruction in how to pray when burdened or concerned. Bold Praying The Book of Hebrews encourages […]

Psalm 12 – Good Thoughts in Bad Times

Reading Time: 6 Minutes Psalm 12 is a prayer for God’s help when wickedness is dominating society. The main complaint in the Psalm is about how language is hurting the very fabric of culture. Jesus made it clear that our words express our character. He said, “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from […]