Promise and Prayer – Day 28 (Monday, Week 5)

Jesus’ Promise

Matthew 18.19 – “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

Suggested Prayer

Grant me, O Father, the capacity to see everything as intensely beautiful.

Personal Reflection

A group of spiritual leaders set out on a prayer journey during the height of World War II. They traveled the country, taking public transportation (trains) and paid their own way. They spent five days at each location, as they sought to limit war related human suffering on both sides.

For three or four days, this band of spiritual men and women sought to align their lives with the love, the plans and the purposes of God. Only when they had a deep sense of alignment with God did they intercede. Most often, they “broadcasted” God’s love over the battlefield. The way they measured the results of their prayers was by the lack of casualties on both sides of the battle.

It is interesting to note that Glenn Clark, the man whose material I am using for this prayer experiment, was one of the main leaders of the group of praying men and women.

The experience of these spiritual leaders gives new meaning to today’s prayer promise. When God’s people join together in prayer and wait until they have collectively aligned their lives with God’s will, great power is able to be released.

Your Turn

I hope you are encouraged by the story of Glenn Clark and his praying friends during World War II. Would you consider how the readers of this article can best respond to their example? Let’s align our lives with God and see what he will do with us.

Please encourage the readers of with your comments below.


  1. It’s always so incredibly humbling to take a moment and step back from the middle of what’s happening in life, and see where God has been working for the past days, weeks, months. When I started following your blog I didn’t know how God would use it but I knew that he would. Right now, in these moments, it has given me much peace to deal with my husband’s health situation and the seriousness of it. The unknown. And to remember the known. I don’t know what’s going to happen at the hospital today. But what I do know is God will be with me. He has a plan for us. And it is good. And he has sent his Holy Spirit to help build this Foundation of faith and of strength on his Words. The calm that I feel now and have had for the last 4 days is from a foundation built on scripture and on experience and on the stories of other believers. And this Blog has kept all of that foremost in my mind. Scripture runs through my mind at the appropriate moments. Keep praying. Keep building. Keep praying. Because that Foundation is what we need in times of trouble.

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  2. Hi Denise. One of the best parts of this blog is getting better acquainted with you through reading your comments. I encourage all of our readers to pray for your husband’s health, for your family, and for you. May you have a tremendous sense of God’s presence and love today.

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