Promise and Prayer – Day 22 (Monday, Week 4)

Jesus’ Promise

John 14.13 – “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

Suggested Prayer

I pray for your kingdom to come in earth as it is in heaven.

Personal Reflection

As we focus on today’s prayer promise, let’s consider what it means for the Father to be glorified in the Son.

The glory that our popular culture presents is that of Instagram fame, television appearances, adoring fans and the like.

The literal meaning of glory in the Bible is “to uncover the character of God.” When God is glorified, his character and his very nature is able to be clearly seen.

One of my great joys over the last fifteen years or so, is to be a witness to God’s healing and transforming power with people who had previously been slaves to addiction, violence, crime, and brokenness. The common element of their story is that someone prayed for them.

As God answers the prayers of loving family and friends, his true character is revealed. He loves the addict, the criminal, broken people and more. He conquers people not by smashing them, but by making them his friend. This is true glory – the glory of God’s character.

Your Turn

Do you know someone who is still suffering because of self-centeredness, self-pleasing, self, self and more of self? God promises to hear your prayers and to reveal his character as he does so. Don’t give up! Your prayers are very important to your loved ones and to God’s plan.


  1. God asks us through His Word to pray – always, continually, without ceasing, earnestly, keeping on – continual conversations with Him. I’m blessed to see answers to my pleas for my daughter’s release from addiction. As I continue praying, God is growing her and working in her life, releasing her from the bondage of guilt, anxiety and paralyzing fear. These inner struggles have been harder than being free of the drugs, but our God is bigger. He has a plan for her and I hit my knees daily, multiple times a day, praying for her and for others in our family and in our church family asking God to heal hurts, addictions, fears, to heal hearts, minds and bodies. I am blessed to know the Creator who can answer all that I ask. You’re so right, Bob, it is such a blessing to see God’s power at work in the lives of formerly broken people!

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  2. Dear Jesus I pray that your kingdom come to earth as it is and heaven.
    Lord I ask that you touch the family’s of those affected by the shooting on 40 highway. Please dont allow the devil’s tricks to harden their hearts help them to see the need for a savior. Jesus I know it’s not for us to be understand the will of the Father and I know that you dont make these bad things happen.
    Once again please allow us to experience you kingdom on earth so that all these acts of violence wont keep happening. I lift those family’s up to you lord and the police working the investigation.
    A few en

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  3. I see prayer as opening the door for God’s activity. As you two have prayed and are praying now, it opens the door for God to be active in the lives of the people for whom you pray. I praise God for your responsiveness to him.


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