Promise and Prayer – Day 18 (Thursday, Week 3)

Jesus’ Promise

John 14.14 – “If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

Suggested Prayer

Grant me, O Father, the power to love everybody and everything.

Personal Reflection

How does God govern his universe? The Psalm writer gives this insight: “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you” (Psalm 89.14).

“Steadfast love” translates a key Hebrew word. The word originally meant “covenant keeping ability.” It referred to two parties keeping the contract that they had agreed upon. As God continued to keep up his part of the contract and as God’s people consistently broke their agreement with him, the word changed to mean “steadfast love.” In fact, this word is the closest Old Testament concept to the New Testament teaching about grace.

Praise God that he governs his universe with a righteous, just, faithful, and loving character.

When I pray to love, I am asking God to give me far more than good feelings. I am asking him to give me the ability to live faithfully, justly, righteously and lovingly in the face of people who may end up disappointing me.

Your Turn

My “personal reflection” is just that. It is a reflection of what I personally need. What do you need in the area of love? Please pray the suggested prayer today, realizing that Jesus is very ready to answer your prayer in the affirmative.

Please share your thoughts below. Thanks for doing so.


  1. This is a problem everyone has. We treat each other according to how someone else treats us.I have learned from Jesus that we should treat each other right, not fairly. Meaning that if someone disrepects me i should respect them and do good to them and even pray blessings on their life. I need to get better at this.Thank you Bob for this website(vlog) you post every day. God is using it to draw people closer to him and his ways.
    Jason Panuco

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