Promise and Prayer – Day 19 (Friday, Week 3)

Jesus’ Promise

Matthew 18.19 – “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

Suggested Prayer

Grant me, O Father, the capacity to see everything as intensely beautiful.

Personal Reflection

Years ago, we had an early morning prayer meeting on Fridays at our church. No one had arrived and I was about to have what I thought would be a very good hour of prayer, alone with God. As I was about to begin, I heard an old rattle-trap truck park outside the church. A man who bored me and annoyed me at times was coming in to pray. I remember thinking, “Well, here goes my good prayer time.”

As clearly as I have ever heard God speak to me, came these words to my mind, “Bob, what makes you think you’re so interesting to me?” What a word of correction!

This man, who was such a bore to me, was intensely beautiful to God. I need to view the world through God’s eyes and that is why today’s suggested prayer is so important.

Your Turn

What makes today’s prayer important to you? Please reflect on why you need to pray to see everyone and everything as intensely beautiful. Also, please leave a comment. Your comments are helpful to the readers of


  1. Dear lord in your word it says to be evenly yoked,
    I truly believe that good and evil can not dwell in the same house.
    I find myself struggling with things and attitudes that are truly ungodly.
    God please remove the defects of character that take the presence of your spirit out of my life..

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