Following Jesus to the Best Life Possible

I am definitely “direction-ally challenged.” I have enough stories of being lost to fill several blog articles.

Needless to say, I am grateful for GPS on my phone and the ability to have step-by-step directions.

Recently, Toni and I were visiting our kids in their new home in Kansas. The GPS on my phone wouldn’t take us to their house, so Toni tried her phone.

My instincts told me to take a right turn, while Toni’s phone said to go left. She has an Apple phone and I knew it couldn’t be right (I’m an android user).

I was a little embarrassed when my instincts took me out of town into farming country. With wounded male pride, I asked Toni to direct me to their house.

We backtracked and a few minutes later, we arrived to see our family.

Jesus and GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is infinitely better than the directions I was given as a teenage truck driver. I was told to travel over a bridge, look for a big tree, and turn right on the next gravel road.

The directions that another driver gave me worked, but it is much easier to have step-by-step GPS directions to new places.

Jesus came to earth not only to forgive our sins, but to give us directions leading to the best life possible.

He ended a time of teaching with an emphasis on following his guidance.

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I tell you?

“I will show you what someone is like who comes to me, hears my words, and acts on them.

“That one is like a man building a house, who dug deeply and laid the foundation on rock; when a flood arose, the river burst against that house but could not shake it, because it had been well built.

“But the one who hears and does not act is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the river burst against it, immediately it fell, and great was the ruin of that house” (Luke 6.46-49).

Just like following GPS, there are two components to obtaining direction for life from Jesus.

(1) We have to know what his directions are.

(2) We have to follow them.

The other day, I was driving and didn’t want to be bothered by the sound of the polite sounding lady on my GPS. I nearly missed a turn, because I couldn’t hear her.

We have an opportunity to hear Jesus every day, if we will read one of the Gospels. He speaks to us through his words and actions.

If we believe our opinion is better than his, we will have a situation like the one I mentioned earlier. It end in an embarrassing situation or worse.

If we live our lives continually neglecting the attitudes and actions of Jesus, we will resemble the dwelling of the man who built his house on a foundation of dirt.

How To Access Jesus’ Directions

To access GPS on my phone, I simply say: “Okay Google. Driving directions to . . .” When the directions show on my screen, I tap “Start” and begin my trip.

There is a procedure for following Jesus’ directions, but there is a significant difference in how he leads.

Jesus doesn’t want to merely give us guidance. He wants to travel with us, because he loves us and wants to share the time with us.

Jesus wants us to talk with him about the leadership he gives us.

For example, suppose you are reading Luke and Jesus’ words challenge your attitude toward someone who had terribly hurt you.

You read, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you” (Luke 6.27).

Instead of folding up your Bible and giving up on reading the passage, you turn to Jesus in prayer and say, “Lord, I don’t think I can do this.”

What if you continue talking, reading, and being sensitive to any guidance Jesus may give you?

If you stay with it, you will meet with the Lord and he will gently guide you to a more mature and fulfilling response.

Here are some steps I recommend.

(1) Begin your prayer time by asking the Holy Spirit to lead you.

(2) Read a section of one of the Gospels.

(3) Talk to Jesus about what you are reading.

(4) If you receive guidance, follow it.

(5) If Jesus’ directions seem difficult, ask him for further guidance and help to fulfill his leadership.

YouTube Video

Rudy Ross and I have produced a YouTube video on this Bible passage. Rudy is an excellent Bible student and lover of God. You will be enriched by his input. The video is on the Bob Spradling YouTube channel.

Please email your prayer request to or private message me on Facebook. The Maywood prayer team will pray for you.

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