How Can Church Families Lend a Helping Hand to Seniors

Guest Article by Patrick Young

Unfortunately, seniors don’t always have relatives around to help them navigate the challenges of aging. Without regular support, it can be hard for seniors to remain in their homes and enjoy the benefits of aging in place. But church families can make a huge difference! Providing support to seniors in your community can help them live happy, healthy lives — which will be extremely gratifying for you, as well. Take a look at the following resources, courtesy of Real Voices, to find out how you can get involved in the senior caregiving community.

Making Seniors Feel Welcome at Church

Engaging seniors in your church can give them a greater sense of meaning and purpose, which can have a profound effect on their overall health and wellness. And there are a number of ways they can be part of things, even if they are homebound.

Offering Practical Help

Offer practical help to seniors who have a hard time tackling their daily living tasks due to mental or physical decline. Not only does this help them physically, but it reminds them that they are important and cared for!

Providing Social Support

Regular socialization is important for our overall health and wellbeing, but seniors can have a hard time finding sources of social support. That’s where you come in, reminding them that they are still vital members of the community and have not been forgotten! And keeping them connected can take on several forms, just be creative.

There are endless ways you can serve your community by providing care and assistance to local seniors. Encourage seniors to get involved in your church, offer help with household chores, volunteer to be a driver, or visit with your furry friend to provide some valuable social and emotional support. Connect with other families in your church and think about what else you can do to make your community more comfortable and welcoming to the seniors in your area!

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