Forsaken No More

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Throughout the study of Isaiah, I have relied on two books by John Oswalt. One of the blessings of writing a daily blog article is that it gives me an excuse to study books like those of Dr. Oswalt.

Today’s article contains insights that I have obtained from reading Oswalt. This is a difficult passage to understand and I am grateful to have expert help.

The people who read the promises in the latter chapters of Isaiah were not living in a free and powerful nation. They were a small country, who was continually threatened and oppressed by powerful neighbors.

They may have asked the question, “How can we be sure that God’s promises will become a fact?”

Isaiah 62 was God’s answer to their question.

God’s Message to His People

There are two ways to understand who is speaking in these verses. Is it Isaiah, or is it God?

Oswalt believes that God is the speaker. In this passage God is assuring a troubled and fearful nation that he will not rest until his people fully experience his promises.

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,
and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest,
until her vindication shines out like the dawn,
and her salvation like a burning torch.

The nations shall see your vindication,
and all the kings your glory;
and you shall be called by a new name
that the mouth of the Lord will give.
(Isaiah 62.1-2)

When God’s promises are realized by his people, their salvation or vindication becomes obvious. Powerful kings must recognize the activity of God and give him glory.

God’s glory is not a theory. It is something that is experienced as he grants salvation to his people.

A new name is given by God to his people. The name always refers to a person’s nature or character. When God acts, our lives change and we receive a new name.

Even though these words were written 2700 years ago in a Middle Eastern nation, they apply to persons today.

When God frees people from bondage to sin, pride, and rebellion, his glory is revealed. It is a reflected glory. The Light of Jesus Christ shines through us and people recognize his activity.

My pastor friend, LeRoy Sullivan, was named “Pogo” when he was on the street. After he met Jesus, he was no longer called Pogo, but Pastor. The name change reflected the character change that transpired by the grace of God.

A Beautiful Crown

The crown that God won’t rest until it is the possession of his people is not one that is to be worn.

You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord,
and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.
(Isaiah 62.3)

The crown is the new life that God gives his people. People experience this beautiful crown, when God’s “hand” touches their lives.

The Book of Revelation understands the full meaning of this crown.

“The twenty-four elders fall before the one who is seated on the throne and worship the one who lives forever and ever; they cast their crowns before the throne, singing,

‘You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they existed and were created.'”
(Revelation 4.10-11)

Just like all glory which is a Light that shines from Jesus, all crowns ultimately have their existence in the grace of God.

Isaiah 62 is God’s promise to his chosen nation, but because of Jesus we can look forward to a crown like the one in Revelation.

Forsaken No More

The the words “Forsaken” and “Desolate” describe how many people feel about themselves. We don’t need an ancient history lesson to understand how difficult life is for so many people in 2021.

Let’s not forget the opening words of Isaiah 62. God will not keep silent or rest until what he has written becomes reality for us.

You shall no more be termed Forsaken,
and your land shall no more be termed Desolate;
but you shall be called My Delight Is in Her,
and your land Married;
for the Lord delights in you,
and your land shall be married.

For as a young man marries a young woman,
so shall your builder marry you,
and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
so shall your God rejoice over you.
(Isaiah 62.4-5)

Every person who feel forsaken or desolate needs to know the name God has for them. His name for them is “My Delight Is in Her.”

God delights in you. God desires a relationship with you that is as intimate as is marriage. He rejoices over you.

We may not have a nation threatening to destroy all that is precious to us, but we have many challenges in today’s world.

God has promised to not rest or keep silent until we experience his delight in us. May we all know how much God rejoices over us and desires an intimate relationship with him.

About This Blog

I have interviewed Rudy Ross on Isaiah 62. You can see the interview on the Bob Spradling YouTube channel. Rudy has valuable insights in these chapters of Isaiah.

I am indebted to John Oswalt for his commentaries on Isaiah. They are quite instructive.

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