Isaiah’s Message to America

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Why study a book that was written 700 years before Jesus walked the face of the earth?

Over the past years, I haven’t been able to get away from the message of Isaiah. It was God’s powerful word to Israel.

It contains a serious warning and glorious promises for 2021. Please join me in the study of Isaiah.

My desire is to make Isaiah as understandable as possible. I hope this new format for the blog will help us understand and apply Isaiah’s message to our lives.

Main Point

It is absolutely foolhardy to choose rebellion over obedience.

Focal Bible Passage – Isaiah 1.2-4

Hear, O heavens, and listen, O earth;
for the Lord has spoken:
I reared children and brought them up,
but they have rebelled against me.
The ox knows its owner,
and the donkey its master’s crib;
but Israel does not know,
my people do not understand.
Ah, sinful nation,
people laden with iniquity,
offspring who do evil,
children who deal corruptly,
who have forsaken the Lord,
who have despised the Holy One of Israel,
who are utterly estranged!

Message to the Original Audience

God enters the courtroom of heaven and earth as a prosecuting attorney to bring a complaint against his people.

(1) He has raised and cared for them from infancy to adulthood, but they are acting like rebellious teenagers.

(2) Sin, iniquity, evil and corruption are words that describe people who should live in grateful faithfulness to the One who has graciously cared for them for years.

(3) “Forsaken” is the language of divorce. The word, “despise,” describes the fact that the people no longer see a relationship with God as valuable.

God, who brought Israel out of captivity and gave them the land of promise, is seen as no longer valuable to the people. They have forsaken him for idols, which are substitutes for God.

(4) An ox and a donkey are smart enough to know the voice of their master and where they can receive life-giving provisions.

God’s people no longer understand or know the God, who loves them and provides for them. They have become dumber than the dumbest of animals.

Present Day Message

Christians in 2021 have been delivered from slavery to sin and death through the saving work of Jesus Christ. God has given us the privilege of being able to live in a personal friendship-relationship with him.

It is of the utmost importance that we don’t imitate the behavior of 700 B.C. Israel. If we claim to have a relationship with God but don’t value our relationship with him, we will experience the same issues as Isaiah’s audience.

(1) We will forsake God for substitutes for God.

We may attempt to have a relationship with God, but at the same time serve money, sex, power, popularity, politics, our own self-centered plans, and more.

Jesus made it clear, “No one can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other” (Matthew 6.24).

(2) Sin will cause us to turn away from God. On the other hand, turning away from God makes sin an inevitable reality of our lives.

(3) If we engage in this kind of behavior, we may have intellectual knowledge about God, but we will not really know him for who he is.

Willful rebellion against God’s will shows that we do really know God, nor do we understand what he is all about.

Prayer for Today

Let’s re-commit our lives to an obedient love-relationship with God today by praying the Alcoholics Anonymous Third Step prayer.

“God, I offer myself to Thee – to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always!”
Page 63 Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

About This Blog

Rudy Ross is an excellent student of Isaiah. Rudy and I have a video you can see on the Bob Spradling YouTube Chanel.

Rudy will bring a different dimension to Isaiah than what is in my blog. I hope you will check out and enjoy my interviews with him.

If you have a prayer request, please email me at or private message me on Facebook. The Maywood Baptist prayer team will pray for you.


  1. I find the book of Isaiah both troubling and full of hope. As I look around at our lives today, the message of Isaiah is troubling and somber. But, when I see the fulfilled prophecy of Christ in Isaiah, I see hope. Salvation. A gracious God. I’m looking forward to this new series.

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