Psalm 90 – Making Every Day Count

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If you follow my blog, you will notice that I have skipped to Psalms 57 to 89. I have done this because there is quite a bit of material in these Psalms that I have already highlighted in other articles.

That should not take away anything from these Psalms, but simply recognize that I have little to add to what we have already covered.

I have three outstanding books that dig deeply into the Psalms. From this point onward, the articles will follow the writings in these books.

Psalm 90 was prayed by Moses. It is believed that he was praying about the death of a generation of God’s people, who had perished in the wilderness. Their wandering in the wilderness and eventual death took place because they failed to trust God’s directions in their lives.

It is tragic that people in every generation wander in the wilderness of their lives and die just as did our ancestors in Israel. The key is whether we will trust God for direction and guidance, or live by our own best thinking.

At Home with God

Even though there is a considerable amount of sadness in this Psalm, it begins on the high note of trust in God.

O Lord, you have always been our home.
Before you created the hills
or brought the world into being,
you were eternally God,
and will be God forever.
(Psalm 90.1-2)

How privileged are we to be able to say, “My home is in the joyful presence of the Greatest Being of All.”

As we contemplate this great gift, let’s recall Jesus’ words: “I am the vine, and you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will bear much fruit; for you can do nothing without me” (John 15.5).

By the grace of God, we can make our home with Jesus and never have to leave home. The eternal God accepts us into a friendship relationship with him. He will guide us and make us productive.

Sin and Death

We are given an opportunity to make our home in the presence of our loving God. However, if we choose to walk away from him in unbelief, our experience will be to wander through life and eventually die.

Verse 3 – Apart from God, we are nothing but dust.

Verses 4-6 – God is everlasting, but we are like weeds. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Verses 7-9 – Our lives are cut short because we refuse to follow God’s guidance for living.

Verse 10 – For those who wander in the circle of their own self-will, life is full of trouble and then it is simply over.

The truth of verses 3-10 should drive us into the arms of Jesus. Instead of self-will and unbelief, we have a home with Jesus that is available. Let’s take advantage of that gift.

The Central Prayer in Psalm 90

The most important prayer in Psalm 90 is verse 12. Moses contemplated the experience of a generation of people who rebelled in unbelief and prayed.

Teach us to number our days,
so that we may present to you a heart of wisdom.
(Psalm 90.12)

Each day spent in the wilderness of self-will and selfishness cannot be reclaimed. It is lost forever. An entire lifetime spent by choosing our own best thinking over God’s guidance can only be described as “chaff” (Psalm 1.4).

Praise God that he wants to teach us how to make every day count. Praise God that his wisdom is available within a relationship with Jesus.

Like a parent who deeply loves their child, God wants to give the very best of his experience and knowledge to his children. He wants us to have the best life possible and then – heaven!

Let’s frequently join Moses in this prayer and ask God to teach us to live each day to the fullest in the atmosphere of his wisdom.

Home with God Examined

What does it look like for a person to find their home in God? Put another way, how can we best describe a person who remains in a personal relationship with Jesus?

The next verses describe living at home with God.

Verse 13 – When we call God “Lord,” we acknowledge that we are his servants. Servants follow the direction of their Master, because they know that it is the pathway to abundant living.

Verse 14 – When we are at home with God, we are filled each day with his constant love. His love brings joy, singing and gladness to our lives.

Verse 15 – In an abiding relationship with Jesus where we remain in a friendship with him, we experience as much happiness as we felt sadness while living apart from him.

Verse 16 – As people who are fully devoted followers of Jesus, we will frequently experience his mighty deeds. As we remain in him, he will produce the fruit of an abundant life through us.

Our children and grandchildren will see what a relationship with Jesus does for people. They will witness God’s glorious might.

The future faith of our children and grandchildren lies in the current reality of Jesus’ life in us. They will either follow us round and round in the wilderness of self-centered living, or they will join us in making our home with God.

Verse 17 – As we daily live in God’s wisdom, we can ask him to “Give us success in all we do!”

Psalm 1 stated that people who live according to God’s direction “succeed in everything they do” (Psalm 1.3).

Jesus said that the source of a fruitful and abundant life is to remain in a friendship relationship with him (John 10.10 and 15.5).

The options are before us. We can choose self-will and the wilderness, or we can follow God’s direction to success.

May We Pray for You?

Please email me at or private message me on Facebook. I will pray for you and ask the prayer team at Maywood Baptist to pray, too.


  1. My Study Bible asks two questions in conjunction with Psalm 90.
    1) What do I want to see happen in my life before I die?
    2) What small step could I take toward that purpose today?
    My answer to the first is to have evidence that my children and grandchildren are following a Jesus-kind-of-life and not living in self-will and darkness. The second question is harder to answer.
    I read my Bible daily. I pray daily for God to direct me. To use me. I pray constantly for my children and grandchildren and the people who influence their lives.
    But how do I make sure my life is blameless before them as they watch me so closely? I cannot – because I am a sinner. However, I can speak of the love and forgiveness of Christ. I can acknowledge my failures and ask their forgiveness when needed, and offer total forgiveness to them for rebellion or self-centered thinking that may hurt me.
    I can use verse 12 along with so many scriptures to ask for, and receive, wisdom to make my days count.
    And above all, in the midst of grief, loss and pandemic, I can hold verse 14 and know without doubt that God satisfies me every morning with His unfailing love and I may sing with His joy – even, no, not even, but ESPECIALLY, in times of great loss. The losses here are earth will be made whole in eternity and therein lies my joy.

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