Psalm 29 – The Voice of the Lord

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A woman had been on a ventilator for over a month. I had frequently prayed for her and wondered if I would soon officiate her funeral. One day, I went to her hospital room and she was off the ventilator. She told me her story.

She was dreaming that she was a small child and sitting on a curb on a street. Jesus came to her and sat beside her. He took her by the hand and said, “You’re going to be alright.”

She was alright. After she regained her strength and learned how to walk again, she was able to go home and resume her life.

Our personal God speaks to his children. He speaks healing, forgiveness, direction, peace, and so much more.

Praise the Lord

Psalm 29 stands in awe of God, who speaks. The four lines of the first two verses express praise for the character and nature of God, who communicates with his people.

Praise the Lord, you heavenly beings;
praise his glory and power.
Praise the Lord’s glorious name;
bow down before the Holy One when he appears.
(Psalm 29.1-2)

Sometimes God speaks in a loving and healing dream. At other times, his voice is as intense as a thunderstorm.

Let’s use this Psalm today to marvel at God’s awesome nature. He is willing to communicate with us. Let’s commit to being quiet and reverent enough to hear his voice when he speaks.

The Power of God’s Word

Psalm 29 calls attention to God’s word in poetic form, as we recall the awesome power of a thunderstorm.

The voice of the Lord is heard on the seas;
the glorious God thunders,
and his voice echoes over the ocean.
The voice of the Lord is heard
in all its might and majesty.
The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars,
even the cedars of Lebanon.
He makes the mountains of Lebanon jump like calves
and makes Mount Hermon leap like a young bull.
(Psalm 29.3-6)

There are times when our familiar friend, Jesus, speaks to us and awakens us to his glory. Similar to the times when a close flash of lightening and a loud clap of thunder startle us with awesome power, the voice of Jesus can have the same effect.

John was a good friend and follower of Jesus. As an old man, exiled on the island of Patmos, Jesus spoke to him. John related the experience like this: “On the Lord’s day the Spirit took control of me, and I heard a loud voice, that sounded like a trumpet, speaking behind me” (Revelation 1.10).

John was awakened to a new dimension of Jesus’ glory. The Book of Revelation is the result of the voice of Jesus to his friend, John.

I have never had an experience like that of John, but I have heard the voice of Jesus in my mind and spirit. I had just turned 19 years old, when I heard his voice in a very clear way that I was to become a pastor.

I was mowing our family’s yard and talking to God at the same time. I said, “I will be a preacher, but I won’t do it until you call me. I can still take you to the spot where God said to me ‘I’m calling you.'”

You don’t have to be a saint, who is exiled on an island to hear the voice of our Savior. You can be an immature and naive student and hear his voice in a life changing way.

Everyone Shouts – Glory to God!

People who hear and receive personal communication from God are given the privilege of personal communication with God. Sometimes, his voice is earth-shattering as is pictured in the next verses of Psalm 29.

The voice of the Lord makes the lightning flash.
His voice makes the desert shake;
he shakes the desert of Kadesh.
The Lord’s voice shakes the oaks
and strips the leaves from the trees
while everyone in his Temple shouts, “Glory to God!”
(Psalm 29.7-9)

Lazarus was in a tomb and the stench of death was upon him. Yet the earth-shaking voice of Jesus penetrated death and darkness. Jesus “called out in a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!'” (John 11.43). That is exactly what Lazarus did. He came out to the fullness of God’s life.

One of my friends agonized and wept for an entire evening over the extent of his rebellion and sin. He was afraid that God would never be able to forgive the harm he had done.

Similar to the woman in the hospital room, Jesus came to him in a dream. The man didn’t see Jesus’ face, but knew it was him. Jesus simply put his arm around him and said, “I forgive you.” In a moment this man came to life because of the personal word of his Lord and Savior.

God Rules the Chaos of Life

The other religions of the ancient world saw the waters as competing gods against the god they served.

Israel knew that God was supreme and Lord of all. His spoken word of creation (Genesis 1) made the waters and that made him both their Creator and Lord.

The Lord rules over the deep waters;
he rules as king forever.
The Lord gives strength to his people
and blesses them with peace.
(Psalm 29.10-11)

Jesus used the illustration of the Good Shepherd when describing his relationship to people. He said, “When he has brought them out, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice. They will not follow someone else; instead, they will run away from such a person, because they do not know his voice” (John 10.4-5).

The voice of Jesus is able to create worlds, nations, and peoples. The voice of Jesus is able to strengthen us and bless us with his peace. His peace is what makes us whole and gives us abundant life.

Let’s be sure to listen to him, today. Our life literally depends on it.

May We Pray for You?

Maywood Baptist Church has a prayer team. We are honored to pray for you. Please email your requests to me at or private message me on Facebook. We will pray for you.


  1. Next to this Psalm in my Life Application Bible, I have copied part of the study notes “All that is impressive to people is under God’s control.”

    Watching a storm, we can quite literally see the impressive Power of God. Often, we see the devastation that requires rebuilding and we mourn those losses. But when God moves His storm into our lives, our hearts, our minds and levels trees of bitterness, floods fields of unforgiveness, rips apart the sheds we’ve built to hide our sins, we can celebrate the rebuilding process that brings us closer to Him.

    And here we are – the day after the elections – votes still being counted – uncertainty and political storms still in the air – and the Lord still rules over the deep waters and is King of all. As His people, He gives us His strength and peace. That is worth celebrating!

    Liked by 1 person

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