Psalm 18 (Part 1) – I Love You Lord

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Psalm 18 is one of the longer Psalms in the Bible. For the sake of time, I’m going to divide the Psalm into different sections to be approached in separate articles.

Please don’t read the Psalm like you would a novel or a school homework assignment. Rather, use it to connect with God. I hope my notes will help your journey through the Psalm, but please don’t be limited by them. They are intended to help you better meet with your Lord and Savior.

I have shortened these articles to give you plenty of time to meet with the Lord. If you meet with God in a significant way, the Psalms will take on a powerful meaning in your life. May God bless you as you pray through the first verses of Psalm 18.

I Love You, Lord!

King David wrote this prayer to express his love for God. As he looked over his life, he could remember the many times when God protected and delivered him. In 2 Samuel 22, David prayed virtually the same words in thanksgiving for God’s deliverance from the army of the Philistines.

How I love you, Lord!
You are my defender.
The Lord is my protector;
he is my strong fortress.
My God is my protection,
and with him I am safe.
He protects me like a shield;
he defends me and keeps me safe.
I call to the Lord,
and he saves me from my enemies.
Praise the Lord!
(Psalm 18.1-3)

Try this prayer experiment. Begin your prayer and say, “I love you, Lord!” Then, make a list of what God has done for you. You may trace the activity of God in your life and see how he has graciously directed your life.

Help in Time of Trouble

While David’s enemies were threatening, he called to God and he answered and acted on his behalf.

The danger of death was all around me;
the waves of destruction rolled over me.
The danger of death was around me,
and the grave set its trap for me.
In my trouble I called to the Lord;
I called to my God for help.
In his temple he heard my voice;
he listened to my cry for help.
(Psalm 18.4-6)

One of the most frequent ways that people experience God is to call on him in times of trouble. I have frequently heard people say that in their addiction they prayed in desperation, “God either set me free or take me home.” For many, this was the first experience they had with God. He heard their prayer and acted on their behalf.

As you tell God how much you love him, remember a time when you experienced God because he answered one of your prayers.

Our Awesome God

Sometimes poetic images characterize God better than prose. David attempted to capture the awesome might of the One to whom he prayed. Words fail us when we try to describe something beyond our comprehension. Here is how David attempted to see God’s saving power.

Then the earth trembled and shook;
the foundations of the mountains rocked and quivered,
because God was angry.
Smoke poured out of his nostrils,
a consuming flame and burning coals from his mouth.
He tore the sky open and came down
with a dark cloud under his feet.
He flew swiftly on his winged creature;
he traveled on the wings of the wind.
He covered himself with darkness;
thick clouds, full of water, surrounded him.
Hailstones and flashes of fire
came from the lightning before him
and broke through the dark clouds.
(Psalm 18.7-12)

Ask the Holy Spirit to impress the power and might of God in your spirit. The One to whom you speak is more powerful than you can ever imagine. Join David in his exclamation, “Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 18.3).

Your Turn

This is a good ending point for today’s article. Please give yourself a gift and slowly pray through Psalm 18. If you encounter God at a particular point, just stay there until the Holy Spirit moves you on. See what God will do with you today.

May We Pray For You?

Maywood Baptist Church has a prayer team. We are happy to pray for you. Please email me at or private message me on Facebook with your prayer request. We will be sure to pray for you.


  1. I read Psalm 18 early this morning and wondered what direction your article would take us today. The Holy Spirit took us down similar paths.

    As I read King David’s poetry of praise and awe that God rescued him from battle…from actual war. I thought nothing in my life has been nearly as dramatic – earthquakes and thunder and flames and glowing coals – but has there?

    How many times has God fought for me when I didn’t know the danger?

    As a parent or grandparent, we shield our little ones from harm. Swat away a bee, grab a hand on uneven ground, catch them in a fall, snatch them up in a parking lot, “child-proof” our homes.

    How many times have I been in danger – whether by my own hand or just every-day life in a fallen world – and God’s thundering, coal burning, flame-throwing Spirit protected me? Indeed, like King David, I have much to praise Him for. Much reason to start my day with “I love you, Lord; You are my strength.”

    As we get further into this Psalm of praise over the next few days, may we recognize the small “saves” and continue to praise Him for rescuing us over and over – in huge, life-altering ways, and in small ways we might not even realize. Our lives are not accidents – we are here for a purpose and He saves and strengthens us for that purpose.

    Lord, I love You! You are my Rock, my Fortress, my Savior.

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