Did Jesus Enjoy the Super Bowl?

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What did Jesus think about the Super Bowl?

Like the vast majority of Kansas City area residents, I greatly enjoyed Chief’s win in the Super Bowl. Tears of joy came to my eyes during the game and the parade. It was a great day for Kansas City and the surrounding area.

I did have a nagging thought in the back of my mind while I exulted in the victory. I wondered what Jesus thoughts about the Super Bowl.

Please don’t stop reading! I don’t think Jesus is narrow, negative and nauseating. He is not out to spoil the joy of his children at play.

But! You knew there would be a “but” in this article.

What we give our time, talents, money and energy to is our God or, sadly, a false god. Three American gods – substitutes for the living God – were on display with the Super Bowl. Richard Foster identifies them in his book, “Money, Sex, and Power.”

POWER: From a receiving corps that was described as an Olympic track team, to electrifying defensive players, to possibly the current best sports figure in America, viewers were treated to truly a Super Bowl. The power of these talented athletes captured the hearts of millions of viewers on Sunday, me included.

MONEY: Almost before the confetti hit the ground in Miami, there was talk about new contracts and salary caps. A thirty second commercial cost 5.6 million dollars. It is estimated that the economic impact of the Super Bowl in Miami was over 500 million dollars.

SEX: Sex was not at the forefront, compared to power and money, but was still part of the Super Bowl. I missed the half time show and most of the commercials, so I can’t comment on this aspect of the event.

Isaiah and Jesus

Both Isaiah and Jesus challenge us to think about what is most important in our lives. Please take time to prayerfully read Isaiah 5. Look for ways that money, sex and power led people away from a life-giving relationship with God.

Jesus asks us to consider the most important question, “For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life?” (Matthew 16:26).

Today’s Prayer

Dear God, please help us to rejoice in what takes place in the world without making a “god” out of it. Please help us to keep our life-giving relationship with you at the forefront of our lives.

Your Thoughts

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