How Did I Become Dumber than an Ox?

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Isaiah Says

Isaiah 1:2-3

Hear, O heavens, and listen, O earth;
    for the Lord has spoken:
I reared children and brought them up,
    but they have rebelled against me.
3 The ox knows its owner,
    and the donkey its master’s crib;
but Israel does not know,
    my people do not understand.

Some Thoughts

Every time I read the opening verses of the book of Isaiah, I am challenged by the thought that I have to admit that there are times when I am dumber than an ox. What a compliment to my ego!

The ox knows its owner, not because of reading a book about animal husbandry or by spending a few minutes a day in meditation on the excellence of farmers. The ox knows the farmer, because it has personally experienced the farmer being faithful to make sure the ox is well cared for.

There is only one reason why I don’t know God better than an ox and have to rely on books and sermons. Also, there is only one reason why I don’t understand God’s plans and purposes for my life better. The reason is found in verse two. I rebel against God’s direction and seek life according to my own self-centered ways.

Today’s Prayer

Dear God, I regret my rebellion. While seeking my own self-serving life, I have actually cheated myself out of your best for me. I turn to you today and ask that you help me align my life with your direction.

Comments Please

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  1. Dear Jesus help me to understand the directions on wich you want me to go in life and put the right person in the right time to help align your will with my for or the building up of your kingdom..may your love be known to everyone and please be with my brother and draw him close to you as he sits in Jackson county and is in court to day. May your blessing be poured on him and what ever is best for may it happen even if it means not getting out Amen..

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  2. I am glad I’m taking the S.H.A.P.E. class right now with Joe! I desperately need God’s personal direction for my life! I have been working in retail for many years and have gotten absolutely nowhere with it. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God IS working in my life. Maywood is a blessing for me and I don’t want retail work schedules taking me away from it. My spirit is broken and I need healing. I know God has a plan for my life, I just need to figure out where I’m either running ahead of Him or what’s holding me back.

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  3. Really enjoyed this scripture lesson didn’t know it before and it definitely could be applied more in my life because I do turn to my own selfish self-centered wants or needs at least most of my life and I’m trying to put action and my relationship with God today. He has all the solutions to my problems if I’d only trust him enough with them instead of relying on my own power which is only dust in reality. God’s power is ultimate and reaches beyond my own comprehension and understanding. Only know that the closer I get to him the better my life gets so you would think it is common sense though common Sense hasn’t been common practice in my life just because I believe I know better does it mean all the time that I do better. Thank you for this scripture I need it for my spiritual life to keep growing.

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  4. Thank you for this! My mind played along with the ox analogy taking it a step further. If the ox rebels against the farmer – if he is not useful to the work the farmer is about – often he is destroyed. Fortunately, our Heavenly “Farmer” is merciful and forgiving….bit the reality is that the same principle applies. If we do not accept God and His teaching, we will be destroyed. If we are not about our Father’s work, we will remove ourselves from the best loving care He has for us. We can remove ourselves from the best He has to offer and quarantine ourselves in a pasture away from His best care. Oh, to be a loyal, teachable ox!


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