Promise and Prayer – Day 2 (Tuesday)

Jesus’s Promise

If Jesus gives you one promise, isn’t that enough? What if he gives you two promises, or ten? Here is the second promise, but there are eight more coming. This is his promise to you: “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14.13).

Suggested Prayer

The first thing Jesus taught us to ask for in the best prayer that has ever been spoken is “Your kingdom come” (Matthew 6.10). When we pray Tuesday’s suggested prayer, “I pray for your kingdom to come in earth as it is in heaven,” we can be certain of this prayer being answered in the affirmative.

Personal Reflection

What are we actually getting, when God answers the prayer for his kingdom to come in the earth as it is in heaven?

Think about the system of the world in which we live. Self-centered, self-pleasing, self-sufficiency, self, self and more of self is the way of the world we live in. As such, there is brokenness, oppression of the vulnerable, conflict, drama, hatred, war, immense pain and more.

When Jesus began his ministry, he said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4.17). It was like he hung out a sign before the whole world saying, “Under New Management.”

Under Jesus’s management, we are free from the oppressive need to always get our own way. When we pray for Jesus to be the King of our life, he sets us free to actually live life to the fullest. As we change our minds about life (“repent”) and as we surrender to God’s direction, we find ourselves working with him and with his power to give abundant life to us and to people around us.

Your Turn

Let’s agree to take time to pray several times the suggested prayer, “I pray for your kingdom to come in the earth as it is in heaven.” Let’s claim Jesus’ promise that he will be answering this prayer in our lives today. Let’s see God turn our obsession with self into a willingness to follow his direction and life.

Thanks for your comments. They encourage other readers of


  1. This prayer fits into my stubbornness. Well me and self and selfish will and does really apply to a situation in my life.
    Dear Jesus,
    Please allow you Kingdom come into my life here on earth and please fill my heart with your love and spiritual principles So that I may be a good example of your Love and your Kingdom here on earth.
    Jesus please help me with my weaknesses and give me your strength to ignore the evil on who trys to take hold of me in my prideful self ….

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  2. Day 2.
    With the suggested prayer I felt kind of dry this morning . While at work I was meditating on this passage & about a year or so ago Jake taylor preached on prayer animals & I chose birds. Today every break I took I saw a redtail hawk just basking in the uplift , not flapping , just soaring letting me know that his kingdom is here for me & all who follow jesus . I’m liking this experiment. God bless izzie & family lord give them my blessings.

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