Josh Monk Tribute Month


Josh Monk had the ability to make many people feel like they were his best friend.  I am among many who were blessed to call Josh a friend.  On November 18, 2015, Josh ended a nine-month battle with a very aggressive form of brain cancer.

I thought it would be good to take the month of November to ask friends of Josh to share brief video tributes to his amazing man.  Scott Stoner and I will be asking Josh’s friends to tell the story of how Josh impacted them.  They will be posted regularly to Real Voices.

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Here are some written tributes of Josh.

Dear Josh Monk,

This is your brother Brian Glover, coming to you with all love and remembrance for all the good you stood for, and for standing firm to the end.

The most memorable times were when you called all us “knuckleheads” God’s chosen ones.  I knew it was true, because he chose me.  You never sugar coated anything.  As a matter of fact, you had a funny way of threatening us, but it was your way of showing your love.

When I came to your class at Mayood, I knew I was at home.  Not only did all the ink let me know that, but half of the old crew from the old life was there, with brand new lives or in search of it.

I tested the love factor, and it proved right!  When I was at church, that’s all I felt was love around me.  It’s amazing how the elders paved the way, and God showed them the need for us, and that they trusted it was the right thing to do!  Society itself says we are a lost cause.  You and God thought differently.

I remember one day when I was sitting on the curb, feeling sorry for myself, self-absorbed, full of fear, anger and resentment.  You said to me, “Get the freak up dude.”  You also said, “You have a job to do.  Go to it.”

Today, I understand a little more.  It all started with God and ends with God. 

I love you brother.  Save a seat for me.  Have my coffee ready.  I need a cup.  You are doing a good job my friend!

~Brian Glover

Tribute to Josh from Matt Brooks

Dear Josh,

I’m at a loss right now as if it seems all I can do is draw a blank; funny thing is, I’m onto trying to draw anything, never could; what I’m trying to do is find just the right words to tell you how much I love and miss you.

It’s been almost a year now since you’ve been gone and things here will never be the same again my friend.  Though I know you’re in paradise getting things ready for eternity, my selfish ways wants to have you back here to see you finish what you started.  John said it best, when saying: “Brooks, I think Josh was really onto something over there at Maywood.”  Watching you come to where we were to where you took it, was simply amazing.  You always had a knack for fixing “stuff,” so naturally your next step was to take your trade to the streets and start saving souls. 

First things first.  I’m sorry from the depth of my heart I wasn’t with you in the end.

As I reflect to the time of our last stand, the iconic “Footprints in the Sand” comes to mind.  The battle we were in all along, there was no chance of us winning with the one we were running for.  I guess that’s why in our final act you had to carry me so many times.

That one time you kept telling me to stop, but I did so much dope poisoning myself in the process to the point of not being able to walk. Yup! You carried me then too.  All the while you made sure we stood to stand the test of time, all so we would live to see the good that God has planned for us.

All the times you carried me, I should have been there in the end my friend to help carry you to your final resting place.  Now I won’t rest until I assist in the finishing of what you got started.  Those are some big shoes to fill as you always did set the bar high, but I’ll just consider it fuel for the fire that is already raging out of control.

~Matt Brooks

Josh Monk Tribute from Kathleen Wright

It is a wonderful privilege to write about Josh Monk. Josh modeled for us what it is to live a changed life.

He came to Maywood thinking people would not associate with him, but he discovered a people and a pastor here who were ‘hungry’ for growing friendships with new believers.  Josh’s friendship with Pastor Bob fast became one in which Josh became learner of the New Testament which led to his becoming the teacher  of the largest Sunday School class that Maywood ever had.

Josh’s reputation as a teacher kept on growing, people kept on coming, and we saw other lives being changed like Josh.  It’s beautiful to remember Josh and the life he lived before and with us.  We can never forget Josh  Monk!!

~Kathleen Wright

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