Meet Bob Spradling

Five years ago, our daughter and her husband (Bekah and Ricky) gave birth to Grayson.  The day after Grayson was born, I visited Bekah as she held her new born son. As she gazed into his face, she kept repeating, “I love you,” over and over.

At age three, Grayson was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  He was not a typically developing child. He was absolutely full of love and fun.  Bekah and Ricky learned of a school in Overland Park, Autism Concepts Incorporated, and Grayson began attending there for forty hours each week.

When Grayson first started at ACI, he was non-verbal.  Two years in November, he spoke his first two words, “hi” and “tickle.”  Bekah cried and said that other than childbirth this was the happiest day of her life.  With the help of ACI Grayson is now speaking in sentences. So far, his longest is, “I love Cinnamon Crunch.”

No story of Grayson and his family would be complete without mentioning Grant.  Grant is Grayson’s three year-old brother. The two of them make a tremendous pair and will be life-long friends.

ACI uses applied behavior analysis therapy to assist children on the autism spectrum.  This summer I began to study ABA therapy in earnest. I like to read and reading about ways to help Grayson is the most natural thing in the world to do for me.

Applied behavior analysis is the basis of Positive Behavior Support and a book entitled, “Parenting the Strong-Willed Child.”  I believe that positive behavior support and the book on parenting will be helpful to people who watch the videos on my blog.

I have produced videos that can be viewed on your cell phone, computer or tablet.  Some of the videos are intended as training for the leaders at Maywood Baptist Church.  

The parenting videos are designed to present parents with a five-week program to assist with strong-willed children.  As I have read the excellent book by Forehand and Long, I feel their teaching is applicable to parents of all kinds of children.

References to both books will be at the end of all of the videos.  Thanks for watching and please send your feedback.