Readings from Frank Laubach (Part 8)

What is Blocking Our Channel?

When you are blocked spiritually try to walk and talk with Christ until you love him and trust him. Let him turn your bitter thoughts sweet.

The first great question is, “What is blocking you?” We are like drain pipes that get clogged and have to be cleaned out every few weeks.

Every defeated person in the world is like salt lakes or dried-up rivers. When we have no outlet in human kindness we become bitter. When we have no inlet from God we are dried up as well as bitter.

It is never God who shuts us out. The block is always somewhere inside of us.

What is blocking us? A study by Laubach and Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark and Frank Laubach conducted a study of what blocks people in their spiritual life. They did it among earnest followers of Jesus who attended a spiritual retreat.

A self-centered life is the largest blocking agent in our lives.

The way the results were tabulated is as follows:

78% said selfishness blocked them.

38% said that pride was the major factor.

10% of these followers of Jesus said that their problem was that they did not love people.

Look on the inside.

We learned to seek the trouble first inside of ourselves. Selfishness has a hundred faces and is the father of all sins. It is the deepest rooted sin and the hardest for someone to admit. It is most difficult to root out of your life.

What does selfishness do to our channels? It blocks them completely. God cannot use a person to help others when the person grabs all the best for himself.

Selfishness not only blocks the selfish person. It also has been blocking Jesus through the centuries. People repudiate Christ’s followers because we are frauds in that we profess his love but practice selfish greed.

The greatest hindrance to the spread of Christianity has been the selfish hypocrisy of Christians.

If we wish to be God’s channels to the world, we must fiercely renounce the selfishness of the world.

2 thoughts on “Readings from Frank Laubach (Part 8)

  1. I totally agree with the findings, selfishness is one of my biggest problems. Just about the time I think I’m okay I still want the best for myself I still want the biggest cookie. It’s hard to leave that behind until you really love someone and then it becomes easier, almost joyful to give.

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