Readings from Frank Laubach (Part 3)

Becoming Children of God – Our Goal

Jesus is Our Model

This means that we are to become like God’s Son, Jesus. What is Christ like? How does He behave toward His Father and toward His Father’s work?

Jesus was everlastingly obedient to the Father’s will.

The Gospel of John says 49 times in 49 different ways, words that mean simply that the Son can do nothing of himself, and that he does only what he sees the Father doing. To become like Christ means to become obedient to the will of God.

The Holy Spirit enters us and gives us the will to do God’s will. The Holy Spirit makes us love God so much that we yearn with one supreme desire to please him.

The Son knows that the Father is always right. The Father never finds it necessary to persuade a reluctant Son

How are we to know God’s will?

Jesus knew it because he heard God speaking all the time. Can we hear God like that? Must we be forever wondering what God’s will is, but hearing no answer to our question?

I believe we often do get God’s answer almost the instant we ask for it, but we do not like God’s answer, and so we persist in asking, hoping that God will answer otherwise.

I believe we should ask God for an answer; I also believed that when we get a reasonable thought or course of action, we should believe that God gave it to us, and act on it. We must accept it as an act of faith.

How can we know when it is God and when it is wishful thinking?

If you put a wet shirt in the sun to be dried and it isn’t dried in two minutes, you know better than to angry that it isn’t dry.

If you want a college education, you can’t walk through the college campus and then say you have gone through college.  You have to actually attend classes and respond to what is taught.

Tomorrow’s Article – How shall I listen? How shall I hear God’s voice?

3 thoughts on “Readings from Frank Laubach (Part 3)

  1. I get so focused in one area, and when I hear that I have to wait, and I’m even more, hyper focused on that. Instead I need to look around and see what else is going on pray about those things, that’s easier said than done. But, I’m trying.


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