Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 8)

Joy, Gratitude and Prayer

Prayer and Joy

Prayer as we too frequently use it is not a walking in green pastures and beside still waters; we do not throw ourselves into it with joy. We have squeezed it out as a lame duty. Compare this attitude of prayer with the manner in which we play.

The more joy you can put into your prayer – joy that is built on unselfish, God-conscious thought – the more quickly will come the answer or manifestation of the prayer.

When a blaze of joy comes to the one who prays it is a sign that the spiritual coordination has been accomplished. After a person has attained this spiritual joy a few times in prayer, and has experienced the answer that accompanies it, that he truly knows that God does answer prayer.

God is love and he is also joy. The nearest thing to love we find in this world is joy. To pray we must simply let out self and let in God; let out anger and let in love; let out fear and let in joy.

Prayer and Gratitude

Gratitude is what returns prayer to God. The most direct and obvious way to express gratitude is to give it to God. It may also be expressed to the person who was the channel for conveying God’s blessing to us. We can also pass it on to someone else.

Gratitude cleanses out the feelings of self, of anger and of fear; it strengthens the faith, love and joy that are in one. Gratitude sums up, includes, and expresses every attribute essential for prayer.

The real perpetual motion of prayer includes this: God – Love – Joy – Power – Glory – Gratitude – God – and on-and-on.

2 thoughts on “Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 8)

  1. I hadn’t really examined this before, but when I pray with gratitude that my prayer is already answered, it is very different from the prayer where I’m pleading and crying and begging. That’s interesting. And it’s a stronger prayer I can feel that, thank you for this insight.

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