Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 7)

The Prayer That is Always Answered

If God heard and answered every prayer asked by God the Son, speaking through Jesus in Galilee, cannot He hear and answer every prayer asked by God the Holy Spirit, speaking through people today?

The person who neglects the great unities and harmonies within herself and prays a prayer that begins and ends with self must never expect to receive an answer to her prayer. The person who truly prays must give herself wholly and unqualified to the inspirations of heaven.

Love is Essential

The most essential of all the laws of prayer is that there must be love in it. Jesus did not perform a single miracle where He did not first love, and where the love was not returned to Him. Where there is no love, Jesus is silent.

Love and Prayer Power

Had Jesus turned the power of his miracles of compassion and love into a means of glory for His own fame, He would have become a wizard or a magician instead of Christ. The temptations Satan submitted to Him were to use the power of prayer divorced from love for personal glory.

When love lives in the prayers and self is forgotten, then we may expect miracles again.

The prayer without love is a cursed prayer. Jesus cursed the fig tree.

(1) The fruit represents the love in our hearts.

(2) The leaves are miracles or the active works.

(3) As leaves follow the fruit, so the works follow love. The works are permanent only in so far as love preceded them; otherwise they are cursed and will wither away.

2 thoughts on “Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 7)

  1. The first example I can think of is that I’ve been praying for my son and our relationship I want him to have a better life , a better lifestyle . I don’t want him to be drunk all the time I don’t want him to be involved in drugs . I want him to have a decent job and and stop being dishonest. All too often I failed to pray about his relationship with Jesus so I can see that that’s a mistake I need to focus more on his relationship with Jesus and let everything else fall into place as the Holy Spirit directs. Thank you for leading me to think about this

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  2. Amen. Love these readings and how they inspire selflessness. Can’t go wrong putting others before self and love before hurt or anger.
    His ways are always higher

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