Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 4)

Life in the True Spirit

If Jesus talked, thought and felt in parables, He must also have prayed in parables. When Jesus asked for physical and material blessings He must first have translated these needs into symbols of spiritual values and prayed not for the material facts but for the spiritual Realities which these facts represented.

Matthew 6.33 – “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.”

How can we go to God in prayer unless we can first pass our desires through the filter of Jesus’ parabolic vision and bring them forth purified of all dross and sediment of personal desires – that is to say, self?

For example, you have a problem of raising many hundreds of thousands of dollars. For many days you have been thinking and living and praying in terms of dollars. Let us stop and see just what these dollars represent. Are they not ideas – ideas of culture, inspiration, beauty, freedom, wisdom and truth?

Ideas are really what the world wants, what the students want, what you want; and thousands of dollars you need for endowment, for building, for equipment, are merely the means by which you would have these ideas released in the largest possible way in order to do the greatest possible good to the greatest number.

Suppose we ask, seek and knock for spiritual ideas, and not for material things – what would happen? Until we set our affection on things above rather than on things of the earth will He grant the requests of His children?

Is there not a certain amount of hypocrisy and subterfuge in asking for one thing in secret, as it were, and desiring another thing to be given to us openly? In asking for ideas, for instance, and desiring money; in asking for love and joy, and desiring victory?

As long as we ask for one thing and desire another, our prayers will remain unanswered.

The petitioner looks at the inner spiritual Reality and not at the outward material manifestation of fact or thing.

Surrender is Key

Prayers are offered in simple trust and always with that complete surrender to the will of God. Effective praying grants to God the privilege of substituting His will for ours.

Where your language and your treasures are, there will your heart be also.

Greater than the prayer is the spirit in which it is uttered. Greater than speaking in parables, than thinking in parables, yes, even than praying in parables, is living in parables.

Jesus came to make people spiritual, beautiful, harmonious, and whole. To that end He talked to them in parables, He thought for them in parables, He prayed for them in parables; “and without a parable He spoke not to them.”

Tomorrow, the Art of Prayer from Glenn Clark’s book, Soul’s Sincere Desire.

3 thoughts on “Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 4)

  1. I hope we’re going to get to talk about how to live in parables. That is confusing. I understand the reality that love is real and the Quarles are made . That joy is reality and then unhappiness is made by making comparisons. That truth is reality and that lies are made, I understand that today but I’m not sure I understand living in a parable.


  2. “Where you language and and your treasures are, there will be your heart also.”
    Learning this has started to change my actions more and more lately. Praying for God to keep my words kind and soft is working in my life and the life of those around me. Not without falling short of the ultimate goal but I can feel the difference in my eternal soul. My true treasure is to strive for peace and harmony there.


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