Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 3)

What is Reality?

Notes from Glenn Clark’s Book, Soul’s Sincere Desire

Here is a suggested prayer from Glenn Clark: “I pray for my deepest soul’s sincere desire to be fulfilled in the right time and in the right way.”

How can we pray for our soul’s sincere desire, if we are not in touch with Reality? What is Reality?

Isn’t reality made up of cold, hard facts? Aren’t the facts of life identical with the realities of life?

Not according to Jesus. To Jesus, Reality does not consist of that which is made, but of that which is eternal.

Therefore, love is, quarrels are made. Joy is, unhappiness is made. Truth is, lies are made.

Jesus turned realities into parables. Jesus did not disregard or overlook the facts of life. Rather, He looked at them straight into the underlying Reality of which they were the mere counterfeits or reflections.

For Jesus a parable meant simply the going back behind the fact to the Reality that the fact represents. It does not mean watering the leaf that is waving in the sunshine, but watering the roots that no one can see. It does not mean healing a man’s skin, but healing his soul.

We cannot create miracles by our fancy – by trying to make believe we see things that we do not and cannot see because they do not exist.

We can create miracles by faith – by knowing the Reality that exists behind the things that only seem to exist.

The Great Reality, the realization of which was at the core of all Jesus’ miracles, was the truth that Man is eternally united with all that is good, in other words, with God and His Kingdom, and eternally separated from all that is bad.

Spend time looking at the world this way.

Thinking and living like Glenn Clark taught involves some changes in how we view the world. It will take some effort to ask ourselves to see beyond the surface of what happens in life. When an event gets our attention, let’s ask God to reveal the spiritual aspects of that event. Try it out and see where God takes you in this.

Tomorrow, Life in the True Spirit – More from Glenn Clark’s book, Soul’s Sincere Desire.

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