Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 1)

Soul’s Sincere Desire

The prayers that are part of the 10-Day Prayer Experiment come from Glenn Clark, who was an unusually magnificent Christian leader during the last century.

On Wednesday the suggested prayer was: “I pray for my deepest soul’s sincere desire to be fulfilled in the right time and in the right way.” This prayer was so significant to Clark that he wrote a short book about is in 1925.

A college student, where Clark was an English professor and football coach asked him, “I wish very much that you would tell me how you pray. Won’t you tell me sometime?” The book, Soul’s Sincere Desire, was Clark’s answer to the student’s question.

My intention is to always write blog articles that can be quickly read. As a result, I will write about Clark’s book in short blog articles over the next few days. These articles are notes I have taken while reading the Soul’s Sincere Desire by Glenn Clark.

Prayer should be for the spirit exactly what calisthenics should be for the body.

(1) Stretch the muscles – One should first of all stretch the mind to take in God.

(2) Breathe deeply and freely – We should pray out the bad and pray in the good; dismiss from our mind the trouble which seems imminent and restate emphatically the great promises of God; forgive the sinner and accept forgiveness for the sin.

The trouble with most of our praying, as with our breathing, is that it is too negative. We shut ourselves up in a cramped little three-dimensional room with our negations, breathing in again and again the troubles that we should let vanish into thin air, instead of turning to new and fresh air – to God.

(3) Keep up steadily, daily, until the habit has been transferred to the nervous system – Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5.17).

The test of every life is how do the hours of contemplation harmonize with the hours of action? The moment we awaken to the fact that we live in God’s world here and now, we begin to see in every event that comes a part of the beautiful symmetrical plan of God.

When a visitor comes, accept him as a messenger from God, and before long a divine message actually will come to you. Gradually this practicing of the presence of God, or living in the Kingdom of Heaven, will become a habit.

Remember, the best way to get there is to stretch the mind frequently to take in all of God that you can, and practice frequently the deep breathing of the soul.

Tomorrow – The Lost Art of Jesus by Glenn Clark in Soul’s Sincere Desire

6 thoughts on “Soul’s Sincere Desire (Part 1)

  1. well this will take some ptactice .
    Praying took practice any way at first ,to get to a place where you talk
    to god without feeling like you have lost your mind .
    but i became about believing in the lord and wanting a relationship of my own with him .
    even though this is a different approach to prayer it feels like the next step to getting closer to god .


  2. Again the timing is just incredible. I was wondering if I was truly hearing from God, or if it was just my own wishful thinking, these were messages from him. It’s easy to hear what you want to hear. And so I’ve been really wondering if this was his clear Voice or my own imagination. Because of the consistency of his answer to me I believe it is from him. God usually will tell me three times what I’m supposed to do, from different sources, different people, the same Bible verse will come up again and again and again. So learning to relax and accept what I’m cheerfully waiting for has been difficult.


  3. Breathe in God and Breathe out troubles and worry.
    Out with the old and in with the new. Simple and practical. Yet, very effective. Still learning how to come to Him in prayer and this will help still my mind when I try to convey what my soul is in need of.
    When I talk to Jesus it comes out as freely as speaking with an old friend though I have struggled to relax in the same way with God.
    They are One but my relationship Jesus has been stretched and my anxiety kicks in a bit when speaking with God so it seems this technique can help me relax in Gods presence and let Him peer into my souls deepest desires.
    Thankful for the tip


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