Reflections on 10 Day Prayer Experiment

Learning from Grayson

Our grandson, Grayson, is on the autism spectrum. As a child on the spectrum, he has to learn “pretend play.” The video that accompanies this blog post shows Grayson playing at camping. His positive response to “pretend play” is a major accomplishment in his development.

When Grayson asks, “Can I go play?” the therapist or his parents immediately grant that request. It is exactly what they want him to do.

God is Like That!

Each of God’s promises to answer our prayers is like Grayson’s parents and therapists. God greatly desires to give us the presence of his Spirit, his kingdom and his will every bit as much as the lovers of Grayson want him to “pretend play.”

When we ask, “I pray for your Spirit to enter me and fill me completely,” we can be certain that God is truly pleased to give us his Spirit. The same is true for his kingdom to come into our lives and for our will to become completely and utterly his will.

Do I Want What I Pray for?

As I was praying the third-day prayer experiment, I wondered if I really want my will to be utterly and completely God’s will. The truth is that all of my life I have practiced getting my own way. Striving to get my own way hasn’t worked too well most of the time, but I am a habitual practitioner of getting what I want.

What’s the Answer?

Here’s the problem. God wants to answer my prayer. He has promised to answer my prayer. Do I want to accept the answer of my will becoming utterly and completely God’s will? How can change, so that I am willing to receive what God wants me to receive?

I think Grayson’s experience in therapy is a good picture of what needs to happen in my own life. He practices “pretend play” several times a day. As he practices, he gets better.

As I return many times during the day to the prayers that Glenn Clark has suggested, I become more open to receiving what God wants to give me.

While driving, while being bored, when tempted, and at other times, I have prayed: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, may my will become utterly and completely your will.” I have done the same thing with the other prayer topics. Just like Grayson is slowly learning to function well, I am learning to receive what God has wanted to give me all along.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on 10 Day Prayer Experiment

  1. I can’t believe, this is exactly what I need at this exact time I’m so grateful Bob, for your paying attention to the holy spirit’s leading. Thank you.


      1. I too practice getting my way. So just like praying to forgive people I don’t want to forgive , I’ve been praying, Lord let your will be my will and it’s lasting a little longer every time I pray it. I’m going to have to keep at it for a while, I think, before I can really surrender my will to his. But I have faith it will happen. It’s just really hard.


  2. I to came to that point of is that really what I want or do I want it my way. Honestly my life is crazy busy with work kids and all that comes with it and when I get a free minute I just want to get away from it all and it has not been by going to God. And I think it is just what you said that I need to be trained to spend time with God. When I first started following Jesus it was easy because that’s what I wanted most. There are so many things to take my attention away from what I really need. One of the first things that I was taught was that I have to be honest I’ve been trying to teach my children that. So today being honest here with you. I have felt the conviction of God in my life and still went the other way. So yes this is what I need thank you Bob for including me in this it may take me longer than 10 days.


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