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  1. I have the opportunity to share yesterday’s prayer with a co-worker. It led to a really good discussion.

    I know God is capable of answering any of my prayers. But sometimes I doubt if He will, because it’s not the right time, because it’s not the right thing, because it’s something I don’t need. I try to pray inside God’s will. sometimes I’m not sure what his will is and that makes me doubt that the prayer will ever be answered. Today’s thought gave me more hope for the things I really want in my heart to come about. I know they’re inside God’s will. There’s nothing wrong with what I’m asking God to do in my life. Thank you for bringing up yesterday’s verse, it makes me feel Just a Little Bit Stronger about my prayers, gives me a little bit more hope to build on. So many times I pray God I have faith, please help my unbelief.


  2. This is good for me to have a prayer I can pray all day long. In this world of homelessness, political turmoil, and poverty, I can pray “Your kingdom come” to keep negative thoughts from popping in and out of my mind and keep me focused on the hope of the kingdom yet to come. HOPE

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  3. There will be many decisions in my day today. Help my mind be ready to hear God’s will in each one, always seeking His direction.


  4. Considering what the Kingdom on Earth would look like I think it would bring more joy, Fellowship , a worship experience that’s really close to God. When I have all these things in line it’s a very joyful experience. Trying to stay in that experiences is difficult. Thursday’s assignment, to be filled was easy to remember Friday trying to remember to pray his kingdom on Earth was more difficult.


  5. I was thinking about God being interested in our joy, and that surprised me. But this morning as I was driving to work enjoying the colors of the trees, I thought how wonderful a gift that is, the changing seasons all bring gifts of joy. As we walk through the winter seasons , it’s so hard, so when everything blooms again it’s just so amazing. I have a great deal of joy in my life because of my hope in Jesus. I’m amazed to find out that he cares about my joy. That’s amazing.


  6. I think in John 14:14, Jesus is telling us that we have more power in our personal Ministry for him then I had really thought about. This makes me think I need to be bolder and be more powerful ask for that power in my Ministry for him it’s exciting to think about and a little intimidating. Well, a lot intimidating thank you for this thought this is amazing thing to consider.


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