Newspaper Prayers: Thursday, March 15th

Headlines from Christianity Today On-Line for Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Real St. Patrick

‘Tis the season for parades, green beer, shamrocks, and articles talking about why St. Patrick’s day isn’t all about parades, green beer, and shamrocks.

First, a few misconceptions about Patrick:

Patrick isn’t really a Saint with a capital S, having never been officially canonized by Rome. And Patrick couldn’t have driven the snakes out of Ireland because there were never any snakes there to begin with. He wasn’t even the first evangelist to Ireland (Palladius had been sent in 431,about five years before Patrick went). Patrick isn’t even Irish. He’s from what’s now Dumbarton, Scotland (just northwest of Glasgow).

Patrick was 16 years old in about the year 405, when he was captured in a raid and became a slave in what was still radically pagan Ireland. Far from home, he clung to the religion he had ignored as a teenager.

Patrick was in his mid-40s when he returned to Ireland.

Though he was not solely responsible for converting the island, Patrick was quite successful. He made missionary journeys all over Ireland, and it soon became known as one of Europe’s Christian centers. This, of course, was very important to fifth-century Christians, for whom Ireland was one of the “ends of the earth.”

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Readings from the Gospel of John for Thursday, March 15, 2018

John 2.13-22 contains John’s account of the time when Jesus cleansed the Temple. Please note, John’s Gospel is not in chronological order. Like many good preachers today, John presents topics that are intended to present the message of God’s love for humankind.

I have often asked Jesus what he wants to cleanse from my life. As a religious person, I fall prey to the same sins that were present among religious leaders of Jesus’ day.

One of my friends often asked Jesus, “Is there anything that you don’t like about my life?” If Jesus either through his conscience or through the Bible revealed something, my friend was quick to make the necessary corrections.

Let’s pray for the church and for ourselves that we would be quick to respond to Jesus’ correction and direction.

Prayers for Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dear God, please help us to be quick to respond to your correction and direction.

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