Artists for a Cause Interview: Stacy Busch

Stacy Busch does everything for my blog, except write the content. Today, Stacy will add content to the article, too. All of the pictures on the blog are a product of her love of photography. She developed the website and connects this blog with social media.

Stacy is a very gifted musician, loving person, and friend besides being a very good at web-design.

Bob – What should we know about your love of music?

I’ve always been drawn to the arts. I’m fascinated by the way you can express things that are universal, that we all feel, yet can’t adequately describe in our everyday life and language. Growing up, my favorite part of the house was the piano. We were fortunate enough to have a nice piano that was in front of a big window. The piano always felt like an entire world that was just waiting to be unlocked. Eventually, I wound up in music school where I studied piano and composition. It also lead me to Kansas City where I did my graduate work. Now, Kansas City is a huge inspiration for my work because I’ve met some amazing people here.

Bob – When did you begin composing music? What musical piece are you most pleased with?

I don’t exactly know when I started composing. I know it started at the piano, where I would explore sounds and make things up. Once when I was in high school, I wrote some music for the school play but for the most part I was self taught until I started studying in music school. I have a few pieces that I think are successful but in general, I’m very excited and passionate about the multimedia direction my work is taking now. Now, I feel less tied down to rules and conventions and it has made my work feel a lot more unique.

Bob – You are a very important person to my two grandsons. In what way has Grayson touched your life? I need to give equal time to Grant. Tell us a story about how Grant has made you smile.

Grayson is so fun and interesting to be around! I love how sensitive he is and I really enjoy seeing the way his mind works. Just like the piano, I feel like there’s an entire world inside of him that is waiting to be unlocked. I also really admire his mother. She is so caring, understanding and optimistic they are both truly inspiring to be around. Grant is a firecracker. He loves music and he loves to dance, so sometimes he will ask me to play a “scary song.” I’ll make up something scary on the piano and he will dance and dance and dance! I love seeing him explore music and art!IMG-3588

Bob – You have a big project that you are working on. Would you tell us about it? How can people in the Kansas City area attend it?

The organization I started, No Divide KC creates artistic events for social causes. We like to work with local organizations and to feature individuals from the community in our events. We put on all types of events, from music concerts to documentary screenings. We are currently planning an event with the Kansas City Ballet that celebrates children with developmental delays. the Kansas City Ballet has a program called “Adaptive Dance” that is specifically for children with disabilities. It is an awesome class! We are planning to have a dance concert this summer that will showcase people with disabilities, show works from artists that are inspired by children with disabilities and provide a panel of speakers. There will be some local participating organizations that work in different sectors of helping people with disabilities as well. To stay up to date about this performance, follow No Divide KC on facebook and instagram and on our website

Bob – You are a multi-talented person. How can people contact you about your photography, music, or web-design?

I’m available at:

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