Grayson- A Springboard for Thought

My grandson, Grayson, is on the autism spectrum. I enjoy writing about him, because he has an award-winning personality and is a pure joy to be around. In other articles I have described Grayson as “uniquely human.”

I have included a picture and a fun video of Grayson for today’s article. However, I want to use my blog to appeal to readers to pray for children who are infinitely less fortunate than him.

Children, Ethnic Cleansing and War

The New York Times has written extensively about the plight of the Rohingya people group in Myanmar. Yesterday’s article by Nicholas Kristof provides a first-hand description by survivors of the murder of parents, siblings and gang rapes.

Around the world, children experience the pain and trauma of adult-directed horror. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a child when bombs are dropped on your village or city?

The Cost of War

The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs (associated with Brown University) places the cost of wars to the United States since 9/11 at 5.6 trillion dollars. They estimate that over 370,000 people have died due to direct war violence, and at least 800,000 more indirectly. 10.1 million is the number of war refugees and displaced persons.

Traumatic Stress

Take a look at a picture of a child you love. Realize that the scars of violence never go away. 20171209_123901They follow us into adulthood. I interact every day with adults, who were traumatized as children. The hurts they encountered as children have never completely gone away and direct (unconsciously or consciously) their daily decisions.

As you look at the child in your picture, ask God to change the situation that our world currently faces. Ask him to help world leaders to realize that the only way to beat the devil with the devil’s weapons is to become a bigger devil. Ask God to act for the sake of literally millions of children.

Bob Spradling

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