Uniquely Human- A Mother’s Story

I recently discovered, purchased and began reading the book, “Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism,” by Barry Prizant. The book title captured my feelings about Grayson, my grandson.

Grayson is blessed to have a mother and father who love him and give him the opportunity to thrive as an individual. Grayson is technically a “special needs” child, but to those who know him he is a unique and amazing human being.

My article today contains interviews with his mother, Rebekah, and a couple of examples of Grayson in action. Grayson is blessed to spend forty hours each week at Autism Concepts Incorporated. This amazing school is staffed with very qualified and supportive teachers. In the fourteen months that Grayson has been attending ACI, he has learned to speak, to ask for what he wants, and to socialize with his peers. In addition, he counts to 100, recites the alphabet, writes his name and reads simple children’s books – at age 4.

I praise God for his mother and father and for the wonderful therapists at ACI. I hope you enjoy the videos.

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