Real Voices from Prison

Today’s articles are from Zach Bowers and Joseph Antonetti.  Both men are incarcerated.  They have expressed appreciation to me that I have provided an outlet for their writings.  In recent Saturday articles I have invited my readers to listen to people.  I encourage you to listen to these two men, whether you agree with them or not.

“Real Voices” from Zach Bowers

All around us we see,

things like,

the Supreme Court saying,

“Set the man free!”

But he has been

in prison since 1993

and still waiting.

While other courts

are still debating

his liberty.

The system gets more

systematically broke

by the day.

And out whole Nation

tells dirty little jokes

for pay.

While our world is in a state of crisis:

we have babies with bombs

screaming allegiance to ISIS!

So we

have started a dialogue,

of real stories and choices,

of real people with Real Voices

Right here on Real Voices

with Bob Spradling

“Reason” by Joseph Antonetti

Reason: Whether someone is spiritual, scientific, or just trying to figure life out, most people still believe things happen for a reason.  When you came from a world of abuse, you question, what possible reason could there be for this?  For your existence?

Lost: When you’ve lost everyone you ever loved, been betrayed by everyone you ever trusted, beaten by those who claim to be there to protect you, left behind by all those who were meant to care for you, wrongly imprisoned to find yourself beaten and naked in a freezing cell with absolutely nothing, or any human contact other than the laughing and mockery of jail or prison guards.

Enlightenment: What could possibly be the reason for this?  What kind of God would do this?  If everything is for a reason, and all for God’s reason, He knows/knew what I would do and what would be done to me.  He therefore WANTED this!

You may find yourself on your knees for days, even weeks with eyes full of tears praying for your death, for some relief, or for some understanding, a Reason, praying for enlightenment.  My word to you is . . . you will find it.  There is a reason!

It is a fact, under said belief: someone has to be the boot.  Locked in an eternal struggle between good and evil, God and Satan, heaven and hell, as you will, there needs to be a soldier.

Fighter: And what sort of soldier do you think God needs to fight demons?  The strongest, most dangerous, likely psychopathic soldiers He can create.  These soldiers need not worry about a few days, or weeks, or even years of pain.  They face hell itself, eternity of battle, pain and suffering.  I believe I am meant to understand and even relish this eventuality.  I do.

Undeserving: For someone who doesn’t exactly “deserve” the punishment inflicted, or by any standard would have been punished beyond enough, or by any sigh of mercy should have been permitted to die long ago there is little doubt in the reason for a life of pain.  Hey, you hurt the one’s you love!  Ha! You think God is nice? He crucified His only Son to send us a message.  The point is, there is a REASON for EVERYTHING!  It may not be the reason you want, or be beyond the scope of faith, or knowledge, understanding, still there is a reason.

Pain Enough: This is my philosophy, my reason, my faith, and my life.  So bring it on!  All you can do is help me better serve my purpose.  You don’t have enough pain in your whole world to affect me.  Break my heart, beat me, imprison me falsely, lie, cheat, steal, betray, mock, hate, trick, scream, bitch and moan.  Ha! What’s all that mean?  I look forward to facing worse than you can ever do.

There is no confidence like the knowledge of one’s reason for existence!


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