Matt Brooks: God’s DAWGS (God’s Best Friend)

Matt Brooks is incarcerated in the Missouri Department of Corrections. During his incarceration, Matt has written a book about his life and his relationship with Jesus Christ. A Christian publisher is interested in publishing his book and making it available to the public.

Matt and his friends have designed a God’s DAWGS t-shirt. Matt believes that God’s DAWGS are God’s best friends, just as Jesus is our best friend. He has been able to get 75 t-shirts printed. He wants to sell the shirts to provide funding to get his book typed in the form required by the publisher.

Heather Nichols is working with Matt to both type the handwritten work on the book and to sell the shirts. The cost of a shirt is 12 dollars. If you want a shirt shipped to you, there is a 3 dollars additional cost for shipping.

You can reach Heather at 816-357-2277. Heather can give you further details.

Thanks for supporting Matt and the message of hope that God has given him.


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