Future Sculpture: Zach Bowers

Future sculptor, go sculpt your future! We are not subjects bound to unknown futures, but rather we are creators of our own destiny. Our futures are not an unknown ocean, meaninglessly cast into as helpless drifters left to its whimsical currents. The future is created by the sculpting of our own hands. For example, I can tell you that the next sentence I am about to write will begin with the words, “Absolutely so.”

Absolutely so does the events in our life take place by cause and effect of our own thoughts and actions, spreading out like ripples sculpted on the waters of life.

Comments from Bob

Zach’s paragraphs above point out the role of responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond to what comes our way. Zach is incarcerated and is choosing to respond by writing articles that I publish in my blog. He is also choosing to be a positive influence among other inmates in the Missouri prison system.

To use a card-playing analogy, we can’t determine the cards that are dealt to us. However, we can decide how we’re going to play them. May we all play the cards that come our way in such a way that we sculpt a productive and joyful life.

Self-in-Self by Zach Bowers

Those who seek power and recognition in their environment have failed to recognize the power within themselves. They seek glory in the eyes of those around them, because they have not labored enough to make themselves great in their own sight. They are seeking to convince others what they have failed to reassure in themselves.

This type of character is like a body on life-support that requires external assistance that must be maintained continuously in order to exist. Much stronger and natural, however, is the tree that through its own roots finds and maintains life. So too, is the character that continuously finds self-in-self and grows from inward out.

Comments from Bob

I like Zach’s image of obtaining life-support from others. For all of us people pleasers, we can consider whether we need the approval of others because we feel some lack in our own selves. As a follower of Jesus, I know that Jesus vastly improves my inside condition and helps me grow from the inside out.


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