Boxing Time for Productivity

I wrote in Tuesday’s article about Terry Schmidt. Schmidt is a very well known author, who has helped my way of thinking about personal and organizational strategic planning. His book, “Strategic Project Management Made Simple,” is an outstanding read.

Schmidt has twelve activities we can do to make each day more productive. The first five are extremely important and are listed below:

  1. What are your priorities? What do you want to accomplish this week?
  2. Set daily objectives. Setting targets for each day the night before boosts your productivity.
  3. Do the worst first.
  4. Enforce uninterruptible blocks of time. When you must concentrate, don’t permit any interruptions from others or yourself. Refuse phone calls, drop-in visits, and sneak-peaks at your email until the task is done.
  5. Box your time. Give yourself a fixed time period – 30 minutes works well – to make a dent in a big task. Don’t worry about how far you get. Just put in the time. Once you get in the flow, its easy to continue.

If we are realistic about devoting time to our life’s masterpiece, an intentional allocation of time is a must. Boxing a segment of time to achieve our world-class masterpiece is essential.

A Boxing Time Story

One of my spiritual friends was a co-owner of a very successful business in the Kansas City area. He was a respected Christian business man, but he was unaware that God had a great adventure for him.

One night, while peacefully sleeping, a loud train-like horn blasted him awake from sleeping. What’s interesting is that his wife didn’t hear the horn and was not stirred from sleep. My friend was wide awake, so he picked up his Bible, read and prayed for nearly an hour.

The next night, the train-like horn sounded again. My friend repeated his Bible reading and prayer time like the previous night. This scene played itself out for several more nights. Finally, he realized that God wanted him to box out time for a daily personal meeting with God. He started taking a sack lunch to work, sat in his car with his lunch, a Bible and a time of prayer. The night-time horn blasts ceased, once my friend began regularly meeting with God in his car.

Sometime later my friend was hiking in Colorado. He had boxed out some time to take a walk with God and talk about his life. The Hebrew-Christian faith teaches that God is personal. It is quite normal to have a conversation with a person – especially a personal God. On that day, God met him and invited him to join him in an adventure. He was about to embark on the masterpiece that was to be his life’s purpose.

My friend sold his portion of the business and began serving God as if it were his business. His work centered on athletes, both young and old. He has partnered with some of America’s biggest name sports stars and with numerous athletes whom will never be publicly recognized. He has had for many years what can only be called an “adventure” and his life is a true masterpiece.

The biggest impression this friend has made on me is his inside condition. He has a joyful, loving and infectious personality. His business creativity has been used for years to help create men and women in the image of Jesus Christ. I have never encountered him when he didn’t make me want to love God and other people more.

Prayer for June 30, 2017

Dear God, please help us box out time for the greatest conversation of all – a daily visit with you.

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