“Flash Prayers” and the Danger of Sand

A famous tank commander during World War II was asked what was the most troubling aspect in leading his command. He replied with one word and said, “Sand.” Sand seemed to be far less lethal than anti-tank weapons, but it was very pervasive in “gumming up” the machinery and severely limited the effectiveness of a tank.

On Tuesday’s blog, I wrote about my life being a masterpiece that was defined by Jesus’ words to love God with all my being and to give love and only love to others (See Matthew 22.36-40).

What gets in the way of my masterpiece becoming a reality? One word, “sand.” I usually begin my day well. I have pleasant visit with my wife while we eat breakfast. This is followed by a Bible study and reading the news on-line. One of my joys is to take my grandson to school each morning. Along the way, “sand” enters the picture and “gums up” the machinery of my plans. Rush hour traffic and erratic drivers often begin the process. Phone calls and demands on my time and energy, though sometimes pleasant, can fit in the “sand” category. I have one word for tasks that I must do, but don’t particularly enjoy – “sand”. Throw in some conflict and problem solving. Add physical tiredness. I think you have the picture. By the end of the day, the “sand” of life has caused me to be dull and spiritually vulnerable.

What does “sand” do to loving God with my whole heart and giving love and only love to people? It makes it easy to skip evening prayer times. When the machinery of my spiritual life is “gummed up” with all sorts of issues, then wrong thoughts and attitudes are easier to enter the picture. Yes, it is a grand plan to have a masterpiece that includes loving God and others like Jesus commanded. However, the “sand” of life often diminishes the process.

The “Sand” Solution

Is there a solution to the “sand” problem that we face? Frank Laubach suggest that we flash frequent, short-burst prayers to God all day long. I find my mind wandering to less than masterpiece level many times each day. When I catch myself thinking prideful, judgmental, lustful, materialistic, etc. thoughts, the answer is to flash a prayer and return to the vision of loving God with all I am and to give love and only love to others.

A quick prayer actually works and causes me to return to right thinking about God. Please consider trying two things. First, ask God to help you determine what the masterpiece of your life should be. Second, please consider Frank Laubach’s practice of flashing short brief prayers to God throughout the day.

Note, in earlier blog posts I have written about this remarkable man, Dr. Frank Laubach.

Prayers for Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear God, help us to genuinely connect with you today on many occasions with short, “flash” prayers.

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