Prayers From the Waters’ Edge

Daily Prayer 671

There is always a limitless reservoir of His love. But the world remains thirsty for love because too few of us are pipelines from heaven to the thirsty world.

Daily Prayer 674

To become like Christ means to become obedient to the will of God. The Holy Spirit enters us and gives us the will to do God’s will. The Holy Spirit makes us love God so much that we yearn with one supreme desire to please him. The Son, Jesus, knows that the Father is always right. The Father never finds it necessary to persuade a reluctant Son.

Daily Prayer 673

If you put a wet shirt in the sun to be dried and it isn’t dried in two minutes, you know better than to angry that it isn’t dry. If you want a college education, you can’t walk through the college campus and then say you have gone through college. The same is true of learning to follow God’s direction. It takes time and diligence.

Daily Prayer 672

How are we to know God’s will? Jesus knew it because he heard God speaking all the time. Can we hear God like that? Must we be forever wondering what God’s will is, but hearing no answer to our question? I believe we often do get God’s answer almost the instant we ask for it, but we do not like God’s answer, and so we persist in asking, hoping that God will answer otherwise.

Bob Spradling

Photography: Stacy Busch

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