Prayers From the Waters’ Edge

Daily Prayer 661

This planet is our school; it is also a series of examinations. Day by day we are trained, and day by day we are tested to see how far we have advanced. Trouble in our life here is like problems in mathematics to a student. These are our spiritual muscle builders.

Daily Prayer 662

The only hope of this evil, selfish world is for the living Christ to abide in enough of us to change the spiritual climate of the world. He alone is able to change greed to compassion, fear to faith, and hate to love. When Jesus enters into us, we become a part of the way. God’s highway runs straight through us.

Daily Prayer 663

Christ does not ask us to be selfless. He asks us to be big and to take a long view. If we follow Jesus, then we will live a life of self-giving to the end of our days, with no regret, no self-pity and no self-praise.

Daily Prayer 664

When I suffered the most, those were the times in which I grew the most. And those periods in life which were easy and pleasant and free from struggle turn out now to be periods of coasting, not rising. Life is easy only when we are on level ground or going downhill. It is best to not rebel against God’s arrangements, God’s textbook, or God’s curriculum, or God’s difficult problems, or His high goals.

Bob Spradling

Photography: Stacy Busch

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