Prayers From the Waters’ Edge

The pictures in this blog series are original photography from Real-Voices blog artist Stacy Busch. Stacy has been in Iceland doing an arts residency and she has taken breathtaking pictures of the landscape while there. This week, we are featuring Stacy’s photos along with prayers and some thoughts on each prayer.

The commentary that accompanies the prayers are thoughts from Dr. Frank Laubach.  (See blog archives for more information about this remarkable man.) Stacy’s contact information can be found on the sidebar of the Real-Voices homepage.

Daily Prayer 653

We need to turn to Christ now. We do not have enough love for the hungry masses unless we get it from Christ. When we yield completely to Christ then his compassion can channel through us to the world.

Daily Prayer 651

When people turn to God they seem to hear Him say: “You ask me to save the world from catastrophe. I need your help. You must help me to change those evil men who have power to destroy you and your world. I am ready to pour heaven’s help on the world, but I need you and multitudes like you to be my channels.”

How many are willing to sacrifice their own plans and interests in order to help.

Daily Prayer 654

If democracy collapses it will be because too many Americans placed self above their fellow humans. Selfishness will destroy us, not just democracy.

Daily Prayer 652

Two things continue to stand out high above all others: (1) The unthinkable peril for the world and (2) the uncompromising demand of Jesus Christ to sacrifice self-interest for the cause.

We are always tempted, as Jesus was, to try some surface short-cut cure which will leave our way of life as little disturbed as possible. This world has deep soul-disease, and nothing short of a drastic change in our human nature will save us.

Try to turn our enemies into friends, to change evil men into good men, and remove the causes which produce enemies. Until we love our neighbor-nations as we love ourselves, we can neither win them as friends nor change their ways.

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