Free Writings by Zach Bowers


Zach Bowers is incarcerated with the Missouri Department of Corrections. He is friends with Matt Brooks, who is one of my friends. I hope readers of my blog enjoy and appreciate these thoughts from Zach


Greetings to whomever this fated scribe may fly through with no destination to be penned ahead of time.


What I have is this – “Normal”? What defines “Normal”? A commonality shared by a group of people? It’s not a nation. It’s not a people, nor even a higher ideal.

Normal is . . . Beauty’s ugly cousin! For real! Beauty is something to everyone and everyone has something entirely different to define her as . . . So if Beauty is the exceptional one, object of opinion, though sometimes shared. Then Normal is her ugly cousin! Normal, also means something to everyone and everyone has something entirely different to define her by.

Normal is, tennis shoes or cowboy boots? Steel-toes or open-toed high heels. Walking on egg shells or on spiked nails, hot coals or sandy shoals. “Normal” is in the eye of the beholder!

Ya got that?

More than “Normal”

Now can we agree that as a species we desire for our next generation to be more than us? To grow, improve, create and build upon what is already here? If NO, then continue in the halting ugly cousin’s conquest of mediocrity. And support universal normalcy, although insanely impossible to achieve, it will succeed in the suffocation of any and all creative genius.

If YES, you desire the next generation to be more than us. Then let them improve and support creativity, adaptability, exceptional-ism, competitiveness, and the crowing jewel, Beauty!

It is the admiration of something great that wills man to bring forth that which is greatest.

The man who supports Normalcy will seek to remain always normally the same. While it is the man who seeks the highest Beauty, and if not found, that will create it to satisfy his aching soul! This I know.

What little comfort Normal holds in a purpose is the common thread of recognition in standards. A people who share standards are commonly recognized by others accordingly. However, “common” standards slaughter competition.

Support Exceptional-ism

Support the standard of exceptional-ism; become better people. More creative, more beautiful, more intelligent and that is worthy of being called a “standard.” What is a standard anyway? Historically, it was the Golden Eagle carried by Roman Legionaries, and similar to the Cross for Christians, it represented fulfillment through dedication to a higher purpose. Now, more than ever this pursuit of anything higher than base need, requires, one to soar above what is often considered common and normal. But that’s OK to be exceptional.

Zach L. Bowers #533051 Missouri DOC

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