Interview Series: God’s Dawgs with Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks and God’s Dawgs

Matt Brooks is incarcerated in a Missouri Department of Corrections facility. He is serving what he believes is the last of his time in prison.

Why God’s Dawgs?

Here is how Matt sees God’s Dawgs. Dog is a term that one would think of an individual as unsavory or less than desirable. In reality, if you think about a dog (as in your pet) and his/her actions toward you, they’ll go above and beyond their call to please and make you happy. A good dog is loyal, obeys all your commands, will follow you wherever you go. Even going deeper than that, he’ll adopt some of your very own characteristics.

Now on a spiritual scale: if only we could mirror a fraction of our dog’s loyalties for us towards the Lord, let’s just say the dog-eat-dog world we live in would cease to exist.

Saying that to say this; the dog gets a bad rap sometimes as does the dawg. In actuality, God created the dog to be the best friend to men and women, as well as the dawgs (us) to be the Son of Man’s best friends.

Interview with Zach Bowers

Zach Bowers is incarcerated with Matt Brooks. The following is an interview that took place this past week with Matt and Zach.

Brooks – Tell me in brief, what defines Zach Bowers?

Bowers – Through incarceration I have had all titles and things that we accessorize and identify ourselves taken from me. I began to realize that all I will forever be as a man is a Brother, a Father, a Friend and a Son and in these roles I strive to be my best.

Brooks – What impact has Jesus had on your life?

Bowers – The most powerful and personal impact for me has been the transformation of my parents. Only through Jesus were they able to find the strength to change, and they are a major inspiration in my life.

Brooks – You’ve mentioned being interested in writing a book. What would it be about?

Bowers – I believe I have an interesting life story that I want to share along with a collection of writings on various subjects spanning the better part of two decades.

Brooks – In your writings what is your message and who do you intend to reach?

Bowers – In this environment we are constantly bombarded with hate and ignorance from all angels. So, I’ve sought to support a message of love and intelligence and reach all those who seek a better way.

Brooks – How long have you been writing and why?

Bowers – I have been incarcerated well over half of my life, so it was born out of necessity through letters. Later, I began writing more to share what I have learned over the years to inspire others.

Brooks – You are a founding Father of ORION, a once violent prison gang that has grown to be a positive organization. How is that possible?

Bowers – ORION has grown and matured just as I have and as with anything that is guided it will mirror the influence that it is given. Once I realized the weight of responsibility that comes along with influence, I have made a conscious decision to become and to be that which works the good.

Brooks – The Noble Community Project (NCP), tell me about it briefly?

Bowers – The “heart” of ORION’s NCP begins with a garden and a greenhouse. By working the soil it will provide sustenance and a livelihood, as well as opportunity for charitable activities. It becomes a fulfilling way of life for the participants, that is positive and productive. At the same time, it proves to be beneficial to the surrounding areas.

God’s Dawgs T-Shirts Coming

Matt’s friends are producing God’s Dawgs t-shirts. They were designed by inmate artists and should be outstanding. When they are ready, I will show pictures on this blog and give readers information on how to order them.

Look for more God’s Dawgs stories in coming blog articles

One thought on “Interview Series: God’s Dawgs with Matt Brooks

  1. I was incarcerated with zack bowers. Not only him ,but many other Orion family members have shown me more love than some of my own family members. When you are around zach and many of Orion you feel an ora of intelligence and a group of people that want positive change for their people. He’s is one person that’s I will always remember on a positive note.
    Zack bowers may you live a life of joy and give positive change to all people that come your way.
    Much love respect and honor your brother
    Curtis Lockridge.


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