Experiment Series: How Do We Act Peacefully?

Frank Laubach Speaks Today

We have elected a new President of the United States in what was described by NBC journalist, Tom Brokaw, as the most unusual campaign cycle in his 50 years of following elections. Doubtless, some in our country are elated and others are terribly deflated.

Frank Laubach wrote the following words in 1954. I think they are quite relevant for Christians to consider. These words come for Laubach’s book, Channels of Spiritual Blessing. In some cases I have paraphrased his thoughts.

Working with God Today

God seems to be saying to us: “I am ready to pour heaven’s help on the world, but I need you and multitudes like you to be my channels. How many are willing to sacrifice their own plans and interests in order to help.”

We are always tempted, as Jesus was, to try some surface short-cut cure which will leave our way of life as little disturbed as possible. This world has deep soul-disease, and nothing short of a drastic change in our human nature will save us.

America is running for election in the world. Nobody contradicts that, and yet millions of Americans constantly work against the larger interests of the nation for their own selfish purposes.

Nothing will stop their selfishness except the love of Christ. That is why we need to turn to Christ now. We do not have enough love for the hungry masses unless we get it from Christ. When a life yields completely to Christ then compassion can channel through him to needy people. If democracy collapses it will be because too many Americans placed self above their fellow humans. Selfishness will destroy us, not democracy.

There is always a limitless reservoir of His love. But the world remains thirsty for love because too few of us are pipelines from heaven to the thirsty world. We are too much like Adam. We have gone against the will of God. And then we have hidden from Him.

We are like a fly on the edge of a great painting and we cannot begin to comprehend the total plan. All we can do is to trust. We have seen enough of God to know that He is good, and we can wait until we know it all.

What was Jesus’ way of peace?

There are three ways to treat enemies that we find advocated in the world today.

  1. Kill them
  2. Get as far away from them as you can.
  3. Try to make them your friends.
  4. Jesus – Let them kill you and keep on loving them.

This method of Jesus is our only hope of saving our world. If Jesus loves like that, then we, as children of God, are to love like that.

Our age has been caught in the great doubt. We are saying, “Trust God and pile up weapons of destruction.” We trust love and hate at the same time. We are compromisers.

We can’t trust love and we do not trust God alone as Jesus did. David trusted God and killed his enemies. Jesus trusted God and refused to lift a finger to harm anybody. He suffered but he never made others suffer.

To be like Jesus we, too, will have to refuse to compromise with the idea of killing our enemies. Mere refusal to fight will never save the world. I have been a pacifist all my life, but a very uneasy one. To allow people to go and get killed to protect me seems like a very cowardly thing. I must earn my right to be a pacifist by fighting as hard as I can against all the greed and misery and hate that breed wars. I must work for my country with the weapons of love as hard as others do by military means.





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