Interview Series: Matt Brooks is “God’s Dawg”

How do you describe Matt Brooks?  Tough guy.  That seems to be how he has lived whole life.  In the reality TV show, Outlaw Country, Matt was one of the tough guys.

How do you describe Matt Brooks?  Habitual criminal.  I’m sure the criminal justice system views Matt in this light.  He has spent many years in various prisons.  When he has been out of prison, it seemed that he was more than ready to commit crimes that put him back inside.

How do you describe Matt Brooks?  Spiritual friend.  Yes, Matt is one of my spiritual friends.  He and I write frequently.  I visited him weekly when he was in county jail nearby.  Now that he is in the Missouri Department of Corrections, we have been corresponding and talking on the phone.

Matt, like my other spiritual friends, will be a frequent contributor to Real Voices.  Here is an interview that I recently conducted with Matt.

Bob: You have written a book about your life.  What motivated you to write this book?

Matt: It was all of the Holy Spirit, mixed with a little desire to prove all of my nay-sayers wrong that was the motivation for the book.  I want my success to be my revenge.

Bob: What do you hope to accomplish by putting your thoughts in writing for people to read?

Matt: I want people to see what Jesus has done with me.  In turn, I want to save as many souls as the Lord will allow me to help.

Bob: You have been incarcerated for the past nine months.  Somewhere in the midst of all of this, you have developed a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  How did that happen?

Matt: It’s simple to answer this question.  God swept me off my feet, when he chose me to work for him through my pen.

Bob: In what way has Jesus influenced how you live your life?

Matt: Everything has changed! I no longer have the urge to satisfy the hunger of the flesh.  I want to walk with integrity while on display for the Lord, since it’s no longer my will but his that is to be done.

Bob: What are some of the things you do on a daily basis to keep your spiritual life strong?

Matt: I read my Bible and put into action what I read.  I take up my cross daily through the surrender of self-will and by obedience.

Bob: How do you feel you can be a good influence on people in your current situation?

Matt: I show and tell people.  I practice what I preach.  This is elementary for me today.

Bob: What advice would you give to someone about maintaining a strong Christian life once they have been released from prison?

Matt: Stay in the Word!  Let Jesus take the wheel!  Go to church and have a good support system that is solid.  Don’t wait to get out before you start.  Whatever you sit around and do all day long inside, you’ll do it better out there – for good or bad.

Bob: We will hear from you on this blog from time to time.  Right now, is there anything else you would want us to know?

Matt: Look to the sky with praise, then kneel down as hands raise to give thanks for the Lord and his saving grace.  Amen.

Matt certainly does use his pen to write about his interaction with God.  One of the fun “rants” that comes from Matt is his idea of being God’s dog.  Here are excerpts from what Matt has written to me.

Matt: It’s as simple as this: man commands, his dog will follow, that’s just the way it goes.  If you look close you’ll see in the center that the essence of the word, “command,” is man, whether to give or take them.  The dog knows his place in the face of his master as he willingly follows when commanded to do so.  Whether he feels it to be right, wrong, bad or good, if man commands a dog to fetch, then he goes.  You see, he views you as his god.

Notice that with the dog it is all about you.  Never is your dog concerned with his needs, as he relies solely on – drum-roll please, you guessed it – you!  Even when it comes to feeding time and his life sustaining sustenance, he trusts and counts on you to provide.  He’ll be your loyal companion that will never leave your side.

Could it be that God wants us to love him the way he created the dog to love us?  Just think of how happy you were when Sparky shook your hand for the very first time or sat on command when ordered to do so. 

We as Christians need to heed and follow these decrees: Be willing and humble, while obeying all commands, though you may stumble he won’t ever let you fall.  All you have to do is call and he’ll always be there.  He is after all the Creator of this universe; our Father and master, if you will.

I vow to follow all his commands, living to love, honor and cherish his one and only Son that of Jesus Christ.

By the way, allow me to introduce myself; I’m God’s Dawg – the Son of God’s best friend.

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