Interview Series: Becka Roberts and Combining Church Life with Recovery Life

Real Voices is about real people, who live real lives and make significant contributions to our world.  I met Becka Roberts at the Silver Spoon Cafe where she works as a waitress, cook, caterer, and more.  The Silver Spoon Cafe is located near Marriott Hotel in downtown Kansas City.

Becka has a winsome smile and an engaging personality.  It did not surprise me that she has excelled in sales and marketing, as she worked for chiropractic physicians and sold medical devices.

Becka is a regular at Maywood Baptist Church.  She attends small groups, Bible studies, and worship services.  She also assists with our Neighborhood Network program with Hispanic families.  This visit with Becka allowed me to get better acquainted with her.  I hope you enjoy reading and listening to Becka, a real voice.

Bob: Tell me about the Silver Spoon Cafe.

Becka: We are open from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  We are a downtown cafe for Kansas City.  Business people and convention goers frequent our restaurant.  The owners are Jay and Mi Yu.  They are a Korean couple and they are a delight to work for.  Their Christian faith makes working here a positive experience.  They also demonstrate a very strong Christian work ethic.

Bob: What is the best part of working at the Silver Spoon Cafe?

Becka: I love people.  I really like being able to brighten someone’s day.  Our restaurant is family friendly.  We all enjoy serving other people.

Bob: You and I have gotten acquainted  since you began attending Maywood Baptist Church.  You are very involved.  What do your friends at Maywood and the programs do for you?

Becka: I am early in my Christian life.  Going to Maywood strengthens me.  I can ask questions and get honest opinions.  I’ve been going to Maywood for about six months.  It refreshes me.

Bob: What kind of music do you listen to?

Becka: I listen to music that feeds my soul.  I enjoy Toby Mac and Love & the Outcome.  This kind of music picks me up, rather than feeding my negative thoughts of the past.

Bob: When I say the words, “good friends,” what comes to your mind?

Becka: Belief and trust.  People who build you up.  There are people who add to your life and who do not take away from it.  My good friends do this for me.

Bob: When you think about,  “accomplishing your dreams,” what sort of images come to your mind?

Becka: I have always wanted to be in marketing and sales.  I have had some success in that arena.  Now, my biggest dream is to be able to help people who are lost and to see them grow. 

We make great lemon bars at the cafe.  I was taking some home and saw a homeless man standing on a downtown street.  He wasn’t asking for anything, but I stopped and gave them to him.  Today, that’s what is “accomplishment” for me.

Bob: What motivates you to be the best you can be?

Becka: Prayer is important to me.  I ask God for direction.  I also look for peace and serenity.  I do things to get our of “self.”  I feel God’s Spirit is growing me everyday.

Bob: How do you handle heartache?

Becka: I pray.  I talk to my AA sponsor.  I also live in the moment.  It is important for me to practice living for today and not thinking of past mistakes or future worries.  I can’t change the past and there is no need to worry about the future.  I bring my best to live in the present moment.

Bob: You are in a 12 Step program.  If you were trying to encourage someone to begin working in a 12 Step program, what two or three things would you tell that person?

Becka: A 12 Step program is a “life” program.  Drugs and alcohol just cover up the symptoms of a troubled inside condition.  I have to treat what is inside.  The 12 Step program is a great tool that helps me do the hard work of transforming my inner self.

Bob: How does your involvement with Maywood Baptist Church help you in your 12 Step work?

Becka: When I came to Maywood, I was accepted and not judged.  God uses Maywood to breathe life into the dry bones of people like me.  It is the most real church I have ever attended.

Bob: If someone were to ask you, “how should I do my recovery program meditations and spend time with God,” what would you tell that person?

Becka: The first thing I do in the morning is hit my knees in prayer.  Then, I make my bed.  After that I read Daily Reflections, Jesus Calling and pages 417 and 420 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  These pages are about acceptance.  I get in my car, tune into K-LOVE or Air1 radio.  I use this time to get ready for the day.

Bob: Is there anything else you would want to say?

Becka: You can always reset your life.  If you are having a bad day, just stop and check in with God.  Let him reset your day to be a positive one.

After I spoke with Becka, she wrote me an email.  She told me that she used to be a very negative person.  That was a bit of a surprise, because she seems to glow with joy.  She related that she experienced a very difficult time about eight months ago.  In the midst of the trouble, Becka surrendered her whole self to God.  I believe that the combination of her very diligent work with AA and her friendship with Jesus is what makes her such a warm, positive person today.

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