Spiritual Friends Series: Frank Laubach and the Walk with Jesus Experiment

Dr. Frank Laubach is a voice from the previous century.  He is best known for his literacy program that was called, “Each One Teach One.”  The program is still in existence and is now called, “The Laubach Literacy Method.”

In the late 1920’s Laubach found himself to be a frustrated and depressed teacher.  He was living alone on Baguio, an island in the Philippines.  His wife and son were in Manila for health purposes.  Laubach took his one companion, his dog, and began walking up Signal Hill in Baguio.  As he walked, he found himself talking to God just like you would talk to a friend.

During those walks, Laubach developed a friendship with God where he sensed a very personal relationship with Jesus for the first time in his life.  God literally communicated to Laubach the plans for building a relationship with a very difficult and dangerous group of people in the Philippines.  He was able to bring literacy and the love of God to the Philippines, India and much of South America through the wisdom he received from God during these walks.

Real-Voices: Spiritual Friends

I meet weekly with a group of spiritual friends.  We encourage each other and learn from our experiences with God and others.  Some of us have been taking a walk with Jesus, trying out Frank Laubach’s method.  Here are some of our experiences:

Mandy’s mother is not part of our group that meets weekly.  However, she has been taking a morning walk with Jesus.  She has discovered that her depression has lifted markedly.  Mandy’s niece recently was healed of a very serious health concern.  Could it be that these morning walks of Mandy’s mother opened the door for God to bring his healing power to this little girl?

Peter rides a bus to work at a manufacturing plant.  He fills up his coffee mug at a gas station and then walks with Jesus the remaining way to work.  He calls these walks a “conversation” with Jesus.  Peter has discovered that he can actually have a friendship-relationship with the greatest Being who ever walked the earth. 

Johnny lives in Northeast Kansas City a few blocks North of Independence Avenue.  The Avenue is one of the metro’s hot spots for drug trade and prostitution.  There have been times when Johnny has been frustrated.  He attempted to meet with God, but didn’t sense a connection at all.  His persistence paid off.  There have been times when God has met him in a very meaningful way.  Recently, Johnny came upon a group of homeless men who were circled in prayer around one of their own.  This reminds me of Jesus’ words, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5.3).

Advantages: When we turn our cell phone off and leave the normal routine of our life to take a walk with Jesus, it is much easier to focus on a relationship with the greatest Being of all.  Imagine that Jesus is walking right beside you and talk with him as with any other friend.  You will discover a friendship that will be both meaningful and helpful.

Struggles: Taking a walk with Jesus may be hard at first.  You may be distracted or find the exercise awkward.  You may be tired at the end of a difficult day and prefer your easy chair and the “remote” to your TV.  You may not have immediate results, like Johnny did.  However, if you persist – again like Johnny did – you will find the experience to be one you can’t live without. 

We’d like to hear from you, if you have had an experience with Jesus that you want to share. 

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