Interview Series: Charles Moore and using the creative gift to benefit others

I met Charles Moore five years ago.  At that time, he was working for a men’s treatment facility and brought several men to church each Sunday.  Some of those men are now leaders at Maywood, much to the benefit of our church and the community.

Charles now works in a hospital setting.  In addition, he has his own company that provides janitorial services, catering, and is planning on doing a TV show. 

For the past four summers, Charles has provided the community a multi-cultural event in Blue Springs.  Charles and his family cook delicious food and serve up outstanding entertainment and testimonies of transformed lives. 

Charles and I frequently visit at our favorite Starbucks near the Wal-Mart on 40 Highway.  This is where the following interview took place.


Charles Moore

Bob: You have put on a multi-cultural event in Blue Springs the past four years.  Tell me a little about it.

Charles: Three hundred people attended this year’s event.  Another 6,000 people saw the event through social media and the videos that were produced from it.  We had food from from our company, Spice and Smoke Catering.  We had live entertainment that filled the Railroad Park in Blue Springs with great music.  And we heard from some of my friends about how Jesus has made a difference in their lives.

Bob: You provide great food and entertainment for all ages at this event that takes place in Blue Springs.  Why do you put forth so much expense and energy for a free event?

Charles: I get great joy to see people enjoy themselves.  I love bringing the entire community together.  I know no is exempt from God’s love and that of others.  That is why I enjoy bringing people together.

Bob: What was your greatest joy this year?

Charles:  I really enjoyed listening to Chris Weeks.  He was one of our speakers and his life transformation is amazing.

Bob:  I will interview Chris for this blog in the near future.  He does have an excellent story.  I am happy to have a venue to get his story to a wide audience.  The same is true for your other speakers, Barbie Daniels and Jennifer Iliff.

Bob: I met your family at the event in August.  Your parents are powerful examples.  How did they give you a foundation for success?

Charles: They showed me the importance of hard work.  I learned from them faith in God and living according to God’s will.  If I do that, I believe nothing is impossible.  I believe that if I have the faith of a mustard seed that Jesus talked about, then nothing is impossible for me.

Bob: God has blessed you with a son.  Tell me about him.

Charles: My son is five years old.  He encourages me.  I actually learn from him.  When he was born I realized that life is not all about me anymore.

Bob:  I view you as a living proof of accomplishment.  What do you believe is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Charles: When I was a child, I used to line up my wrestling figurines and tell them what I was going to accomplish.  I believed from an early age that I would succeed.  I have been able to accomplish much of what I have dreamed about all of my life.

One key thing I have learned is this.  The more I sin, the more God takes away my creativity.  The more I grow close to God, the more God is able to give me creativity.

Bob: What sort of people motivate you?

Charles: Imperfect people motivate me.  Victory is won not to by the swift or the strong, but by people who endure and who steadily work for it.

Bob: What are the challenges of being a leader?

Charles: Working as a team is very important.  When a team member has low self-esteem, a bad attitude, or negative performance, they bring down the whole team.  My challenge is to help the entire team of workers play as an effective team.

Bob: How do you improve daily?

Charles: I attempt to learn from my mistakes.

Bob: How do you remain humble?

Charles:  If I don’t do things God’s way, I can lose everything in a blink of an eye.

Bob: How do you choose the right thing?

Charles: I think, pray and look for 100% peace.  If I am not at peace about something or if I am troubled in my spirit, then I don’t do it.  Since everything comes from God, I want him to lead me.

Bob: When do you think of giving up?

Charles: When I look at society and how troubled it is, it is sometimes hard to keep on going.  I look at how people are not learning from their life’s experiences.  It is depressing to see to this current generation of people.  They seem so lost.

Bob: What gives you a boost of energy to continue?

Charles: Vitamins, putting smiles on people’s faces and seeing that it is “cool” to be a Christian.

Bob: You have a big project coming up.  You want to start with YouTube and grow to something as big as God wants it to be.  Tell me about it.

Charles: In January or February we are going to shoot video on a project called, “Kindergarten Friends.”  The dream is to show community in such a way that children won’t want to make the same mistakes that people like me have made.  We also want to show the side effects, both positive and negative, of the choices we make.

Bob:  When you get this program ready, I want to interview you again and write an entire article on your show.  Thanks for visiting with me today.

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